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Traffic Detour Requests

Detours are a necessary part of work zones on Saskatoon roads. They help ensure workers have enough space to do their jobs safely while also allowing drivers and pedestrians to travel safely around work zones.

Transportation's Detour Group manages and coordinates all closures and detours on Collector Class Roads and above, as identified on the Detour Road Classification Map (PDF). Use the form below to request a detour for work on a City of Saskatoon street. Once approved, Temporary Traffic Control Plans are created and coordinated in a way that allows the work to be completed while still allowing traffic and pedestrians to move around, following the Temporary Traffic Control Plan Manual (PDF). 

It is very important to submit a Traffic Detour Request for any work that will be taking place on a City of Saskatoon street. This allows the Detour Group to coordinate with other projects and helps manage our resources in setting up the work zones. Detour requests also ensure that areas do not become inaccessible to traffic or that traffic is not detoured into other existing work zones.

Submitting a Detour Request

  1. Complete the required fields in the Detour Request Form below; you will receive an email with the form details to the Applicant Email.
  2. All detour requests require a minimum of six (6) days notice to allow time to process. 
  3. A work zone drawing must be uploaded in the Detour Request Form. Examples of acceptable work zone drawings can be found in this short video or here.
  4. ​Detour request approvals are not guaranteed (due to other work in area, available staff, traffic implications, incomplete request forms, etc.).
  5. The City of Saskatoon provides detour assistance on cost-recovery and does not give price quotes for requests. 
  6. It is the responsibility of the contractor to notify all residents and/or commercial stakeholders of upcoming work and closures that may affect them in any way.
  7. Cancellations require a minimum of two (2) hours advance notice. A full working day is preferred. Charges may apply for any work zone that was set up prior to the cancellation being received. 

Online Form: Detour Request

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