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Use of Drones

Flying drone


New Transport Canada drone rules in effect from June 1, 2019

Transport Canada has rules for flying your drone safely and legally.  Visit their website to learn more.  The City has updated the Drone Flyover Request Form to reflect Transport Canada's rules and expects all drone pilots to meet the regulations.

Know when and where you can fly your drone

To protect public safety and privacy, there are important restrictions you need to know about when flying a drone, regardless of its weight, for personal or commercial purposes. The City of Saskatoon has a bylaw in place regulating the take-off, landing or operation of a drone in outdoor public places. 

Bylaw No. 5729 - Regulate and Control Use of Property Owned by Municipality, 1977 "which states that no person shall fly a remotely piloted aircraft (commonly known as a "drone") in, on or above property owned by the City, or leased by the City, or under the jurisdiction and control of the City, except as permitted by the City."

Transport Canada has restrictions in place for operating these devices safely and legally to keep airspace users, the public and private property safe, including the need to obtain permission from landowners (which may include the City of Saskatoon) before flying your drone. Visit their drone rules website to learn more.

Commercial Drone Flyover Request in Outdoor Public Places

For City of Saskatoon approval for commercial drone flights in public places, fill out the Drone Flyover Request Form and submit to:

General Manager, Community Services
City Hall, 222 3rd Avenue North, Saskatoon SK S7K 0J5
Email Us

​If filming is also requested: further approval is required from the City Solicitor along with signing a film license agreement. Call 306-975-2272 or Email Us for next steps.