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Use of Civic Square

Civic Square

Civic Square is an area available to the public to gather in a peaceful and respectful manner.

 How you can help us

  1. The first step in hosting an event in a Civic Square is to submit an application form.
  2. Ensure the application is completed in full. 
  3. Use the Civic Square Event Planning Information to assist with your event planning, including the types of organizations who can apply to use Civic Square and insurance requirements.
  4. Submit your application on time. A minimum of five (5) business days and maximum of 30 days is requested.  
  5. Events must not interfere with the public's access to Civic Square and enjoyment of the surrounding grounds. This permit does not give the applicant exclusive use of either City Hall, or the adjacent grounds. Free public access is to be allowed to all areas of City Hall that are accessible during regular business hours. 
  6. Vehicles are not to be driven on City Hall grounds, even when delivering supplies

 What you can expect from us

  1. Once your application is received, a response will be sent within five (5) business days of the submission date. Applications received less than five (5) days in advance of an event may not be approved.
  2. Applications will be considered on a first come first serve basis. In the event there  is a  timing conflict, preference shall be given to community activities sponsored or supported by civic departments and agencies. 
  3. Permission to use of Civic Square should not be regarded as a commitment by the City to allow its use in future years. Any regularly scheduled event must make a new application for future dates. 


Online Form: Book Civic Square for an Event

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