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Tree Trimming

Tree Trim

Tree Trimming

Tree branches that touch power lines are a public safety hazard.

Never attempt to trim a tree branch that is close to, or is touching a power line.

Instead,  call SL&P and we will send a crew to safely trim all tree branches that touch or interfere with power lines located near your residence or commercial property.  Note that SL&P will only trim branches so they are a safe distance away from power lines. Any additional trimming or complete tree removal is the responsibility of the property owner.

In the event we are not able to access the branches safely with our equipment or if the tree is severely overgrown, we will temporarily remove service to your residence or property, while you hire a contractor who can do the work safely. We will re-install your service once the work is completed.  This is referred to as a "Service Drop."

Remember that according to The Dutch Elm Disease Regulations, 2005 trimming Elm trees is not allowed from April 1 to August 31.

Prevent Future Outages by Planting in the Right Place

A minimum of three metres (approximately 10 feet) clearance should be left between a power line and any tree branches. 

If you are thinking of planting trees or shrubs near ground-mounted pedestals, it is important to remember that employees must always be able to open these pedestals for emergency and maintenance work. Leave two to three metres on all sides free of trees and shrubs.

SL&P will only trim trees that are located on your property.  If the base of the tree is located in your neighbour’s yard and branches are hanging over into the power line on your property, your neighbour is the “tree owner” and must call in to request a tree trim.  Both homeowners must allow access into the backyards in order perform the tree trim.