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Waste Hauler Disposal Facilities

The City provides two Waste Hauler Disposal Stations located at the Wastewater Treatment Plant and at the Landfill. Both these facilities accept waste loads that have a high percentage of grit.

Marquis Waste Hauler Disposal Station

The Waste Hauler Disposal Station at the Wastewater Treatment Plant in the Silverwood Heights neighbourhood is scheduled to be relocated to the Marquis Industrial area in 2021.

Moving the facility to Marquis Industrial will redirect hauling trucks away from the residential neighbourhoods to an area designed for this kind of traffic. There will be no evident smell outside the facility and no health risk to the public. In fact, the newly relocated station will be connected to an existing multi-million-dollar odour control facility that is specifically designed to contain odours.

The new facility will be 1,400 ft. (or 4 football fields) from the Silverwood Golf Course and 2,100 ft. (about 6 football fields) from the closest residence. This is significantly further away from residential lots than its current location.

Landfill Waste Hauler Disposal Facility

A new Waste Hauler Disposal Facility was opened at the Landfill in May 2016 to reduce waste hauler truck traffic at the disposal station in the Silverwood Heights residential area.

In this facility, the liquid is separated from the grit. The liquid is pumped back to the Wastewater Treatment Plant. The grit is dried and is disposed of in the landfill.

The Landfill Waste Hauler Disposal Facility is open from Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Trucked Liquid Waste Hauler Permit 

To set-up an account to discharge at a City Disposal Facility haulers require a Trucked Liquid Waste Hauler Permit.

Applications can be submitted to for processing. Once an account is established each registered vehicle will be issued a PIN to access the disposal KIOSKS.

Please note, as a requirement to applying for a Trucked Liquid Waste Hauler Permit the applicant must obtain a Permit to Transport and Dispose of Liquid Domestic Waste from the Water Security Agency.

Haulers are required to abide by the requirements of Sewer Use Bylaw No. 9466.

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