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Right-of-Way Permit

How to apply for a Right-of-Way Permit



*A City of Saskatoon Website account is required to view/use the interactive map.

ROW Application Map


Right-of-Way Permit Information

Any use of the City Right-of-Way (ROW), for temporary purposes, requires a permit issued by the Transportation Group of the City of Saskatoon. Some simple examples of situations/events which require a ROW permit, are as follows:

  • Construction projects occupying the Right-of-Way – Local Roadways only
  • Placement of temporary fencing in the Right-of-Way
  • Temporary placement of industrial Disposal Bins and Storage Containers (Sea-cans)
  • Temporary “No Parking” signs may be requested** for the purpose of Parking moving vans or other vehicles in restricted parking areas

** To request temporary “no parking” signage, please take out a ROW permit for the desired location and leave a comment in the “comments” section, stating that signage is required (maximum of 24-hour time frames available)

All Applicants must agree to our Right-of-Way Permit Terms & Conditions. If the required conditions are not met or displayed, the City of Saskatoon reserves the right to ticket and/or remove any item/restriction deemed hazardous to the general public. All costs incurred, from said removal, shall be covered solely by the offending parties involved. Traffic Bylaw No. 7200 enables our Bylaw Enforcement Officers to absolve issues, either by removal and/or issuing fines, related to non-compliance of the bylaw.


Additional Information

Waste collections during use of Right-of-Way 

It is the permit-holder’s responsibility to identify potential conflicts with solid waste collections. If solid waste collections will be disrupted by any closure/restriction, permit-holders shall be responsible for relocating the waste containers to an accessible location by 7am on the scheduled collection day. If the permit-holder relocates a waste container, they are also responsible for returning the waste container to the specific address it was retrieved from. Temporary labeling of waste containers is the requirement of the permit-holder. The permit-holder must not permanently label containers which may be the property of the City, residents, or businesses. Waste containers shall be returned to their home address, by the permit-holder, by 7pm on collection day.

City of Saskatoon’s solid waste collection schedules:

* For single-family households, refer to the collection calendar at

* For multi-unit properties (e.g. apartment buildings, condominiums), email to request the collection schedule for specific addresses.

For more information, please visit the Waste & Recycling webpage:


Disposal Bin or Storage Container (Sea-can)

Disposal Bins or Storage Containers are not permitted to be stored on city streets without a valid permit. These items must be placed in front of the applicant’s address, between the property lines. These items are also not permitted for placement on grassed boulevards or medians, as they cause damage to grassed areas or can cause line-of-sight issues.

Roadway Classification Information

Right-of-Way permits are issued for the temporary use of roadways/sidewalks located on streets classified as a Local Roadway. For any closures/restrictions that will be located on a roadway that is classified higher than a “Local Roadway,” please contact our Detour Group by filling in a Detour Request form - HERE (form at the bottom of the linked webpage)

To review our Digital Roadway Classification map, please follow the link below:


Materials on the Roadway

Permitted materials allowed to be stored, within the City Right-of-Way, may only be in place for a maximum duration of 48 consecutive hours. The allowable materials are Landscaping rock, soil or gravel – All other materials not listed are not permitted on the roadway and subsequent placement of unlisted materials may warrant a violation of Traffic Bylaw No. 7200.

If material is required to be left on a grassed boulevard, applicants must request permission from Parks at (306) 975-3300 or by emailing

~ Minimum of 48 business hours’ notice required ~


Restricted parking areas

Items shall not be placed in parking restricted areas. Please refer to Traffic Bylaw No. 7200 for a complete explanation of all parking restrictions, found within the City Limits

Residential Parking Permit(RPP) and Limited Residential Parking Permit (LRPP) zones:


Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use a ROW permit to park my personal/work trailer in front of my home?

ROW permits are meant to accommodate commercial construction and/or moving activities. ROW permits cannot be used for any personally plated trailers, through SGI or any other insurance agency – This rule also stands for commercially plated trailers parked longer than one (1) hour, in front of a residence.

To use a ROW permit for parking a trailer, the following three (3) conditions must be met:

1) Commercially Licensed Trailer

2) Commercial Trailer is plated to a company with a Saskatoon Business License

3) Commercial Trailer parked in front of an address of active construction or moving

For additional information regarding Recreational Vehicles, please review the following sections of our Traffic Bylaw No. 7200 :

  • Part I – Short title, Purpose and Definitions -- Section 2 – “Definitions
  • Part IV- Stopping and Parking -- Section 21 - “Maximum Dimensions of Parked Vehicle”

Can I book parking stalls?

Yes, depending on the location of the desired parking stalls;

If the desired parking stalls are located in an area that is designated as a “paid parking zone,” the required parking stalls can be booked through Parking Services:

Parking Services (webpage)

Phone:  (306) 975-2548            E-Mail:

Anywhere else within the city limits - we do not release ROW permits for dedicated parking stalls; however, applicants in search of Temporary “No Parking” signs, for construction or moving, may do so through our interactive ROW application map, by completing the permit application form. “No parking signs can be selected from the application form, by clicking on the drop-down menu under “purpose of use” selection tab – OR - by adding a comment into the “Comments” section of the ROW application form

*Please note: Temporary “No Parking” signage is required to be placed in their designated locations 36 hours in advance of the required date/time and can only be in place for a maximum of 24 hours. Once the time has elapsed, recipients are required to dispose of the signage

Why can’t I choose more than two (2) weeks, when I first open my ROW permit?

In order to accommodate for short term construction projects and moves, the City has allowed applicants the temporary use of the Right-of-Way, at no charge, for the first two (2) weeks. If you require a longer duration, simply wait until your permit nears expiration, and once you received the automated email, you will be given a link to renew your permit.

Friendly reminder - In the event that you haven’t received the automated email in your inbox folder, please be sure to check your “junk mail” folder before creating a new permit. All permits will be reviewed by a technician

How do I renew my permit?

If you did not receive your automated email reminder to renew your permit, please follow these steps:

  • Log in to your City of Saskatoon account
  • Once logged in, open our interactive ROW application Map
  • When the map is open, click the “magnifying glass” on the upper-right hand side of the screen to search for your permit address -or- permit ID (paying close attention to which of the 2 options is selected for your search)
  • When you have found your permit, and the permit pop-up window is open, you will notice the grey “renew” button at the very top of the window. Click this button(below) to perform the renewal process