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Traffic Permits

Right-of-Way Permit

Saskatoon's Transportation Department reviews requests and issues permits for the temporary use of the City right-of-way (ROW).


Truck Permits

Truck permits are governed by Traffic Bylaw No. 7200, which outlines regulations regarding maximum dimension/weight restrictions for the road network throughout the City of Saskatoon. Routes are provided for long haul and pickup/delivery trucks within the City limits. 

Curb, Sidewalk and Ditch Crossing Permits

The Transportation Department controls the access from public and private properties onto city streets. All property owners who wish to install/modify vehicular access to their property/site from the city street must complete a Driveway Crossing Permit Application.

Traffic Detour Request

Transportation's Detour Group reviews all road detour requests and, once approved, creates a detour plan.