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Major Projects

Upcoming Projects

An overview of major construction or rehabilitation projects the City is currently planning for. When planning for a major project, the City spends time collecting the appropriate traffic data, determines financing and connects with the community for their input. 

Current Projects

An overview of each current and ongoing major construction or rehabilitation project the City is currently working on. These descriptions include links to relevant documents, maps and reports that will allow for a better understanding of the scope, costs and timelines for each project. 

Past Projects

A brief synopsis of some of the major construction or rehabilitation projects the City has completed within the past year. 

Public Private Partnerships

A “PPP” or “P3” is a public-private partnership where the government and a private sector partner enter into an agreement to design, build, finance and/or maintain a piece of infrastructure. The City has used this funding model for both the North Commuter Parkway & Traffic Bridge Replacement Projects and the Civic Operations Centre.