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New or Upgraded Electrical Service

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Customer Information Guide

The  Customer Information Guide provides information for anyone wanting to upgrade an existing or install a new electrical service. The Guide includes service entrance and metering requirements as well as safety information.

Steps for a new electrical service or an upgrade

  1. Contact
    • Contact SL&P with the initial request.
    • The minimum information required is the location of the customer, load information, requested voltage, and the contact information.
  2. Design
    • Based on the information provided, SL&P will complete a preliminary design and will work with the customer to establish a final design.
  3. Quote
    • With the finalized design, SL&P will determine its investment, if any, and convey costs to the customer.
    • Written acceptance of the costs is required before a Work Order is initiated.
  4. Work Order
    • With the acceptance of the costs, a Work Order is initiated.
    • Job preparations for material and manpower are made and the job is placed into a preliminary schedule.
  5. ​​Construction
    • When the customer has completed their work and is ready for service, SL&P will commence construction.
    • Based on the nature of the job, it may require 4-6 weeks to complete the construction.
    • Some work may occur in advance to facilitate construction schedules.
  6. Energize:
    • Installing the meter is the last step.
    • The customer should contact City of Saskatoon – Corporate Revenue Division to set up an account for the new meter.

The electrical contractor has to contact SL&P’s Meter Shop at 306-975-2417 and provide the TSASK Electrical Permit number prior to installation of the meter.