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Recreation Vehicles


Current regulations under the Zoning Bylaw are still in effect.  If there are further questions around parking and using an RV on a residential property, please contact Bylaw Compliance at 306-657-8766 or

Visit for the latest information.​

A Recreational Vehicle (RV) may be parked almost anywhere on a residential property, including the front driveway, at all times of the year.

As defined in Bylaw 7200, the Traffic Bylaw, RV means any motor-home, travel trailer, or fifth wheel trailer; any camper when it is not mounted on a truck, but placed on the ground, on a stand or otherwise stored; or other similar vehicle. A large recreational vehicle shall not include: small utility trailers; camper van conversions; tent trailers; campers which are mounted in trucks; boats; snowmobiles; all-terrain vehicles; jet skis; or motorcycles and trailers to carry them.

Current regulations permit an RV to be parked on a hard surface and at least 1.2 meters (4 feet) from the inside of the front sidewalk.  More information can be found in Section 5.17(4) of Bylaw 8770, the Zoning Bylaw.

Regulations for Parking an RV on the Street 

The following regulations apply to RVs parked on the street and can be found in Section 21 of the Traffic Bylaw.

An RV that is either self-propelling or unhitched from its tow vehicle is permitted to park on the roadway for a maximum of 36 hours, after which time it must be relocated off-street for 48 hours before being parked again on the street. In addition, please ensure the RV is not parked within one meter of a driveway, is not blocking a fire hydrant, is not parked within a restricted parking area and is not parked in a hazardous manner.

If the RV is unhitched, the tires must be chocked. Chocking involves blocking the front and rear tire on same side of the vehicle with a device that is sufficient to prevent unattended movement of the RV.

If an RV is attached to its tow vehicle where the combined length exceeds 6 meters, it is considered an over length vehicle and may only be parked on the street for one hour. An RV that is not attached to its tow vehicle, even though it may exceed 6 meters in length, is not considered an over length vehicle and therefore may be parked on the street for 36 hours, provided it is relocated off-street for 48 hours.  

For more information about regulations for parking an RV on the street contact Parking Services or visit the Parking Services page.