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Locating Underground Utilities

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Hitting any underground utility while you dig can cause serious and life-threatening injuries. If you are doing a project that requires digging, whether it be planting a tree or any kind of construction work, it is very important to ensure you know where those utility lines are.  

To locate City of Saskatoon owned underground utilities such as water, sewer, parks irrigation, or traffic signal underground lines, please fill out and submit the City Utility Locates form below.

You will receive an automated email (to the email address supplied)  after you submit the Utility Locate Request. The automated email will list the city utilities that may be affected by your work.  Do not proceed with digging or excavation until you have received a response from the utilities listed.   

For all other underground utility locate information, including Saskatoon Light and Power, visit Sask 1st Call or call 1-866-828-4888 

If a City curb stop or valve height adjustment is required for your project, please call our Customer Care Centre at 306-975-2476 

Please note that it is your responsibility to follow all Occupational Health and Safety regulations regarding locates related to ground disturbance and excavation activities. 

For emergency utility locate requests, please call the Customer Service Center at 306-975-2476. A locate request is considered an emergency if there is a loss of an essential service such as drinking water supply.

For a locate to be valid the marks must be preserved and be sufficiently observable for their intended purpose. If the markings are no longer observable or do not meet their intended purpose,  then utility locates should be requested again.  Utility locates are only valid for 14 calendar days. 


Online Form:  City Utility Locates 

(Includes: Water and Sewer, Traffic Signal Infrastructure, Parks Irrigation, Facilities)

Use this service category to request City utility locate for your work or event area. You can call 306-975-2476 at any time for help if you experience difficulties completing this request online’.  Please note that this request is only for Water and Sewer, Traffic Signal Infrastructure, Parks Irrigation and Facilities.

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Press the submit button once, do not press the button multiple times. An error message will pop up if your request was unsuccessful

After you submit your utility locate  request, you will receive an automated email listing the city utilities that may be affected by your work. City utilities that are affected by your work will respond to the utility locate request within 3 business days