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Planning Publications

Population Projection

The City of Saskatoon & Saskatoon CMA Population Projection 2015-2035 Report provides assistance with policy framework, long-range planning, and forecasting future municipal servicing needs and land acquisition.  In addition, population projections are a useful planning tool for community agencies.

Planning + Design

Planning + Design is a semi-annual publication produced by Planning & Development and the Business License Program to provide information about current city projects, demographic trends, and business license statistics.

Growth Monitoring Report

The  Growth Monitoring Report is an annual report that provides information on residential, commercial and industrial development in Saskatoon, as well as a number of other growth-related indicators for the city. This report includes general demographic changes and statistical information on how the city is growing, as well as specific information on planned servicing of residential, commercial and industrial lands and information on potential infill projects in the city.  

Neighbourhood Population Data

TheHealth Card Population by Neighbourhood document includes the estimated population by sex and age in five-year cohorts over the past 11 years for each residential neighbourhood in Saskatoon.  Please note this is not census data, but rather a count of people through registered addresses.

Issues & Trends

The Saskatoon Strategic Trends 2021 document includes an overview of demographic, development, economic, environmental, and social issues and trends for Saskatoon and area.

Neighbourhood Profiles

The Neighbourhood Profiles publication contains a wealth of demographic data for each residential neighbourhood in Saskatoon