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Non-Standard Procurement (Sole Source)

Non-Standard Procurement (sole source) is governed by the City of Saskatoon’s Purchasing Policy and Non-Standard Procurement Protocol.

Data is available in our open data catalogue on Non-Standard Procurements of $25, 000 or more for goods, services, and construction purchased by City of Saskatoon departments. 

Note: Agencies, boards and commissions are not included.

Open Data Catalogue

About the data :

  • Reporting starts January 1st, 2019 and the information will be updated monthly/quarterly.
  • Identifies the Non-Standard Procurement (sole source) contracts made by all departments and the criteria selected by the department to support the Non-Standard Procurement (sole source).
  • Contract numbers followed by an "(a)" indicate an amendment to an existing contract. 
  • The criteria for non-standard procurement is indicated in the data table column “Reason”.
  • Advanced Contract Award Notice (ACAN): An ACAN is a public notice indicating to the Supplier community that the City intends to award a Contract to a pre-identified Supplier, believed by the City to be the only one capable of providing the required Goods, Services or Construction. Where the Division is requesting the approval of a Non-Competitive Procurement on the basis that the required Goods, Services, and Construction can be supplied only by a particular supplier, Supply Chain Management may require the public issuance of an ACAN. ACAN notice posting is indicated in the data table column “ACAN”.

Identify the reason(s) for the Non-Standard Procurement:

  1. A competitive Procurement process was conducted for the required Goods, Services or Construction and did not result in the receipt of any valid Bids.
  2. The Procurement is being conducted on behalf of an entity that is not covered by the BPS Procurement Directive or any trade agreement.
  3. Unforeseeable events have resulted in a situation where extreme urgency exists and the Goods, Services, or Construction could not be obtained in time through a competitive process.
  4. The Procurement is for additional deliveries by the original Supplier of Goods, Services or Construction that were not included in the initial Procurement if a change of Supplier for such additional Goods, Services or Construction: (The issuance of an ACAN may be required to support this reason.)
  1. cannot be made for economic or technical reasons such as requirements of interchangeability or interoperability with existing equipment, software, Services or installations procured under the initial procurement; and
  2. would cause significant inconvenience or substantial duplication of costs for the City.
  1. It can be demonstrated that the Goods or Services can be supplied only by a particular Supplier and no alternative or substitute exists for the following reason(s): (The issuance of an ACAN may be required to support any of these reasons.)
  1. There is an absence of competition for technical reasons.
  2. The protection of patents, copyrights or other exclusive rights.
  3. The supply is controlled by a Supplier that is a statutory monopoly.
  1. The Procurement is for:
  1. a work of art
  2. a subscription to a newspaper, magazine, or other periodical.
  3. maintenance of specialized Goods that must be maintained by the manufacturer.
  4. work to be performed under a warranty or guarantee.
  5. work to be performed on leased property and may be performed only by the lessor.
  1. The Procurement is for:
  1. Financial Services
  2. Health services
  3. Social services
  4. Services provided by licensed lawyers or notaries
  5. Services of expert witnesses or factual witnesses used in court or legal proceedings
  1. The Procurement is for:
  1. a prototype or a first good or service to be developed in the course of and for a particular Contract for research, experiment, study or original development, but not for any subsequent purchases;
  2. Goods available under exceptionally advantageous circumstances that only arise in the very short term, such as liquidation, bankruptcy or receivership;
  3. a Contract to be awarded to the winner of a design contest and the contest was organized in a fair and transparent manner and was advertised by publicly posted notice and participants were judged by an independent jury; or
  4. Goods or consulting Services regarding matters of a confidential or privileged nature and the disclosure of those matters through a Competitive Process could reasonably be expected to compromise government confidentiality, result in the waiver of privilege, cause economic disruption or be contrary to the public interest.
  1. The Procurement is for:
  1. Goods intended for resale to the public
  2. Goods purchased on a commodity market
  1. The Goods and/or Services are to be procured from:
  1. Public body, Philanthropic institution, Prison labour, Persons with disabilities
  2. Non-profit organization  [Not applicable to Procurements that are covered by CETA]
  1. The Procurement is otherwise exempt from Open Competition requirements under all applicable trade agreements and it is in the best interests of the City to proceed with a Non-Standard Procurement.

Open Data Catalogue