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Leaves on street

Please collect any fallen leaves that can blow into the roadway from your yard, and any adjacent sidewalks and boulevards, to help prevent leaves from blocking catch basins along the road. We also ask that you avoid pushing leaves or other material into the roadway to avoid creating drainage issues and hazards for pedestrians or drivers. For more information about the placement of material on City roadways, including leaves, please check out the Traffic Bylaw (No. 7200) and the Anti-Dumping Bylaw (No. 5713)

To report a violation, please contact Bylaw Compliance at 306-657-8766. An inspector will investigate reports of residents pushing leaves onto the street and educate them on the proper way to remove fallen leaves. 

Compost your leaves and yard waste

  • Leaves and Grass subscribers may place loose (un-bagged) yard waste and leaves in their Green Cart.
  • Any Saskatoon resident can take leaves and yard waste to one of the free City compost depots.
  • If composting is not an option, please place bagged leaves in your black cart.

Healthy Yards

Leaves can be a great benefit to pollinating species and your lawn. They can break down into organic matter that helps keep your lawn healthy, and they provide shelter to a variety of beneficial insects to overwinter. They can also be used as a natural mulch at the base of trees and shrubs. Some residents pass over the leaves with a lawnmower to break them down faster and use as compost. Just be sure to clean up leaves on your sidewalk or boulevard, as these can wash into storm drains and clog them. For more info, visit

Fall street sweeping

Some intersections and streets are more prone to flooding during spring melt than others, for a variety of reasons including elevation or condition of infrastructure.

Street sweeping will occur through older neighbourhoods most at risk for spring flooding where the heavy tree canopies produce excessive leaves on the ground that can block the catch basins and/or prevent the streets from drying in the spring.

Extra leaves on the road can delay the sweepers.  Sweepers might have to skip a street if excessive leaves begin to delay the schedule.