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Civic Conservatory

 Facility Temporarily Closed 

The Civic Conservatory is temporarily closed due to upgrade work on the building. City Administration has reviewed potential options for the Civic Conservatory building. At its June 28, 2021 meeting, City Council resolved: That Option 3 – “Restoration Plus” as the basis for capital planning and potential funding applications through other government funding programs with consideration of future expansion in the design (Option 2), be approved.

City of Saskatoon Administration will now work to develop a capital funding plan for the restoration of the Civic Conservatory and explore potential partnership and funding opportunities to inform the 2022/2023 Multi-Year Business Plan and Budget. Please check back for updates as the project progresses. 

Horticultural staff have moved plants from the Conservatory to the City Greenhouses at Vic Rempel Yards on Avenue P to ensure they remain healthy and can grow and flourish in the future Conservatory space for many years to come. In the meantime, our new neighbours have officially moved in and are now open to the public!  Visit the Nutrien Wonderhub at for all the fun details.

The Civic Conservatory is located on the South Saskatchewan River on the site of the Mendel Building. The Conservatory provides a unique excursion for residents and tourists drawing over 80,000 visitors a year. Visitors enjoy the seasonal flower displays as well as an interesting collection of orchids, tropical and arid plants.  The Conservatory and Mendel Building was designated a municipal heritage property by City Council in February 2018.

Policy on Photo Shoots and Weddings

 Currently Unavailable Due to Facility Closure

Commercial Photography

Filming or photography for commercial purposes is not permitted within the within the Conservatory. It is permissible to film and photograph plants in the Conservatory for individual use or research. Filming or photography by the media must be approved in advance by the Greenhouse Supervisor or a designate.

Wedding and Informal Photography 

The Greenhouse Supervisor may grant limited access for small, non-commercial photo shoots in the Conservatory. Please contact the Supervisor well in advance for permission. In these cases, it will be with the understanding that the space must remain open to the public and that all participants will remain strictly on the tiled perimeter walkway or the balcony. Brief, informal photo shoots involving visitors to the Conservatory are permitted during regular operating hours. Visitors who wish to take photographs in the Conservatory must not interfere with the plantings, the work of greenhouse personnel or the enjoyment of other visitors.

Wedding Ceremonies

Wedding ceremonies are permitted on the grounds of the Conservatory and Mendel Building. Very small ceremonies may be permitted within the Conservatory, at the discretion of the Greenhouse Supervisor. Please contact the Supervisor well in advance for permission. The use of large props and equipment and the stringing of electrical cords is not allowed. Use of confetti or rice for wedding ceremonies or photography is not allowed anywhere within or outside the building.