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Park Bookings & Permits

Park Usage

Park Bookings

Visit Facility Rentals for information on booking park event space, River Landing venues, outdoor sports fields and other City of Saskatoon attractions and facilities.

Visit Outdoor Special Events & Festivals for information on booking a special event or festival (open to the public) on City-owned land.

Visit Sport Fields for information on booking tournaments.  

FACILITY TEMPORARILY CLOSED.  Visit the Conservatory page for information on booking the Civic Conservatory for Weddings and Photo Shoots.  

Barbeque sites are available in select parks on a first come, first serve basis.  Booking is not required.  

Park Access Permits

In order to protect park space for the enjoyment of all users, a permit is required to access private property from a City park to complete all work including landscaping, construction, tree removal, renovations and building a deck, fence or pool.  Homeowners and contractors must  Request Park Access Online  or call the Parks Customer Service to obtain a permit.  Permit applications should be submitted at least one week prior to date required.  

Park Access Permit Holder Responsibilities

Once the permit has been issued, the permit holder is responsible for:

  • Repairing any damage to City property at the homeowner's/contractor’s expense.
  • Removing all litter/debris after the project is complete.
  • Expenses incurred by the City to repair damage.
  • Adhering to any restrictions set forth in the approval process, including limitations for vehicle access when the turf is wet.
  • Accepting liability for any injury to the public, and for damages to public property.
  • Contacting the Parks Division after the work is complete for an inspection and to close the permit.

Use of Drones

To protect public safety and privacy, there are important restrictions you need to know about when flying a drone for personal or commercial purposes in outdoor public places.  Visit Use of Drones for more information.

Seasonal Commercial Enterprise in Parks 

A Seasonal Commercial Enterprise refers to any organization engaged in the sale of goods or services to consumers for a defined period of time. All Seasonal Commercial Enterprises must support sport, recreation and/or cultural events or opportunities.  Visit Seasonal Commercial Enterprise in Parks for more information and to apply for a permit.