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Subdividing Property

Subdivision Application Fee Payments are Changing!

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Property owners may apply to the City for approval to subdivide their property. A subdivision is used to divide the land into smaller parcels for the purpose of legally registering separate ownership titles for the parcels with the provincial Information Services Corporation.

Filing an Application to Subdivide

In order to file an application to subdivide, an applicant must:

Engage the services of a registered Saskatchewan land surveyor who will:

  • Complete the  Subdivision Application form. 
  • Include a cheque or money order for the $3,395.00 application fee payable to the City of Saskatoon. 
  • Submit application, fee and any appropriate supporting materials to the Planning and Development Division, 222-3rd Avenue North, Saskatoon, SK S7K 0J5.

Application Process

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Planning and Development Branch Review

The application will be examined by the Planning and Development Division to determine if all relevant documents have been submitted. If complete, the application is evaluated for conformance with the Subdivision Regulations Bylaw, Official Community Plan, and Zoning Bylaw, and any other applicable policies and regulations. The Division may request comments from other civic departments and other government agencies where applicable. For all subdivisions, a review is prepared containing recommendations, concerns, or conditions of approval.

An application may require the Dedication of Lands for Public Use pursuant to Section 181 of The Planning and Development Act 2007 at a rate of 10% of the land being subdivided for Residential purposes and 5% of the land begin subdivided for Industrial and Commercial purposes. At the Approving Authority’s discretion, money-in-lieu of the dedication requirement may be required.

If approved by the Planning and Development Division, a Certificate of Approval will be issued to the applicant provided the conditions of approval have been satisfied (i.e. servicing agreement, easement agreements, payment of area development charges, money-in-lieu of municipal reserve and approval fees). If any application is recommended for denial, a report is sent to City Council.

Certificate of Approval

Upon issuance of the Certificate of Approval, the applicant may proceed to submit a Plan of Survey to the Controller of Surveys for approval to register the Plan of Survey.

An approval fee of $57.50/lot or Bareland Unit, excluding those parcels designated on the plan as dedicated lands or parcels for public works, is payable upon issuance of the Certificate of Approval.

The fee for re-issuance of a Certificate of Approval is $25.00.

Decision Appeals

Subject to Section 228 of The Planning and Development Act 2007, an applicant may appeal the decision of the approving authority to the Development Appeals Board.