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Yard & Garden

Yard & Garden Pests

Get updates on mosquito control in the city. Find out what to do about wasps and bees and other pests on your property.

Community Gardens

Find the right kind of community garden for you, and discover whether there are community gardens in your neighbourhood.

Garage and Yard Sales

A garage or yard sale means the sale of personal property which is conducted on a premises in a residential or institutional district. 

Recreation Vehicles

A Recreational Vehicle (RV) may be parked almost anywhere on a residential property, including the front driveway, at all times of the year. Find out where you cannot park your RV too.

Residential Fences

Bylaws set out the regulations governing the height and location of fences built on residential properties.

Property Maintenance & Waste Management Appeals

Get information on appealing a Property Maintenance or Waste Management Order from the City.

Weed Control

To have an attractive and well cared for city, the City of Saskatoon must ensure property owners maintain their property to established standards. This is especially true in developing neighbourhoods. 

Be Pesticide Free

There are many ways to create healthy, beautiful outdoor spaces without using pesticides. 

Healthy Yards

Having a healthy yard and garden benefits you and your community. Find tips and tricks on gardening, lawn care, home composting, water conservation, and more.