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COVID-19 Response: Outdoor Recreation

Parks, playgrounds, sports fields, trails, dog parks, tennis, pickleball and basketball courts, skate parks and public squares are open. To reduce your chances of being infected or spreading COVID-19, visitors must take some simple precautions and maintain a safe, two-metre physical distance away from others outside of their extended household group. Outdoor gatherings must not be with more than 30 people. Visit for the latest information.

Park Locations & Amenities

Use the Parks Google MyMaps to search for a park by name or location and find out what amenities each park has to offer.

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Park Etiquette

Park rules and regulations are in place to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all users.  Please follow them each time you visit.

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Park Bookings & Permits

Learn more about booking park space and permits for park access, use of drones and seasonal commercial enterprise in parks.

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Park Maintenance

Learn how the more than 2,130 hectares of parks, sport fields, naturalized areas and other open spaces are maintained throughout the year.

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Park Development

Find out what parks are scheduled for an upgrade and what new park developments are being planned by the City.

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Provides and maintains floral displays along major public roadways and in parks and public open spaces, as well as City Hall and other civic facilities.

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Woodlawn Cemetery

Learn about the history of the cemetery as well as the services provided, hours of operation and location. There is also a cemetery burial search available to locate deceased loved ones.

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