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Business Profile

The Business License Program has released the 2019 Annual Report , which provides comprehensive statistical information related to business activity in Saskatoon, including information on new businesses, commercial/industrial businesses, and home based businesses for 2019.   

Commercial and Industrial Development Study

 In 2011, the Future Growth Section of Planning & Development released the Commercial and Industrial Development Study. The Study includes an examination of commercial and industrial development in the City’s newest areas and in the existing built up areas, providing direction regarding the amount and type of development areas needed to meet projected growth and identify the policies required to support the revitalization of existing developments. 

Employment Profile

The 2017 Employment Profile is an important resource for planning and business development. This report presents statistics and trends in employment in relation to the population, commuter flows, business activity and scale, industry sectors and geographic distribution across the city. This information provides policy makers, prospective developers and the business community with data to plan for future needs and services.

Employment Profile

      Employment Profile 2017
Employment Profile 2013
Employment Profile 2009

Information on the Business License Program

Additional information on the Business License Program including a list of major projects and financial information is available in the Community Standards Annual Report and Business Plan and Budget.