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 COVID-19 Response for Saskatoon Residents

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Underground Line Locates

Line Locates

Are you planning a home improvement job, planting a tree or installing a fence or deck?

Remember - Call BEFORE You Dig!

Please contact Sask 1st Call to locate your underground lines before you begin your project. Hitting an underground power line can cause serious life-threatening injuries.

Sask 1st Call

You must also notify any other parties who may have underground lines in the area in which you are working before you begin your project.

Two safety points to remember once lines have been marked:

  1. Line locates are shown by the placement of flags, but this does not mean the power lines are directly below the flags. Give yourself one metre on either side of each flag to keep a safe distance away from any underground power line.
  2. Any digging within the line locate range, two feet from a flag, must be dug manually. Don’t risk using any mechanical equipment when you are so close to a line.