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Fire Pits


Residents must ensure proper safety precautions and regulations are followed and consideration is given to nearby properties when having a fire. The Fire and Protective Services Bylaw No. 7990 provides regulations for residents to follow when enjoying an outdoor fire within Saskatoon City limits. Following the bylaw regulations will ensure you do not create a nuisance for your neighbours. If you're going to enjoy your backyard open-air fire, please burn safely, burn responsibly and burn respectfully. 

Permitted hours for open-air burning 

Bylaw No. 7790 prohibits open-air fires outside the hours of 2:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. daily. This time regulation is enforced by the Saskatoon Fire Department.  

Electric, propane and natural gas appliances used in accordance with manufacturer direction are not considered open-air. 

Burn Responsibly 

Your fire container must be made from non-combustible material such as constructed of cement, brick or metal of at least 18 gauge. 

Burn only dry, cut seasoned cordwood or charcoal briquettes. Remember, burn it where you buy it - firewood from different locations, regions or provinces can spread unwanted pests and diseases like Dutch Elm. Burning elm branches is not permitted. 

Size matters. Your open-air firebox cannot have a dimension greater than 0.61 metres.

Burn Respectfully

Nuisance smoke from outdoor fires can negatively affect the health of some people; you must extinguish your fire if it produces drifting, nuisance smoke. 

You must extinguish your open-air fire by 11:00 p.m., in line with the Noise Bylaw 8244 .  

The following items are not permitted to be burned in your backyard: rubbish, garden/yard waste, plastic, manure, livestock or animal carcasses, and any material that produces dense, black smoke including insulation, electrical wiring or equipment, asphalt roofing materials, hydrocarbons, rubber materials, painted or creosoted wood. 

Consider a cleaner burning alternative - switch to a convenient natural gas or propane fire pit that burns clean and does not emit emissions. 

Air quality is everyone's concern. If a Special Air Quality Index statement has been issued due to wildfire smoke present in Saskatoon, please use common sense and choose not to have an open-air fire in your backyard.  

Be a good neighbour. Respectfully communicate with neighbours around you that may be adversely affected by open-air fires in their neighbourhood. Consider letting your neighbour know when you plan on having an outdoor fire in your backyard, they may appreciate being notified in advance. 

Burn Safely

It is recommended to position your open-air fire pit at least 3 metres away from combustible structures such as buildings, fences, and trees, with a further distance if there are overhanging soffits and or branches. Measure your 3 metre distance starting from the edge of any overhanging. 

Cover your fire with a protective mesh spark screen that has openings no larger than 13 mm (1/2 inch). 

To help prevent the spread of fire, the size of the fire box of any receptacle shall not exceed 0.61 metres. 

Supervise your fire at all times, and always have water on hand for putting out your fire completely when you're finished.  

Be sure to check the weather, and respect wind speed. Outdoor fires should not be built when the wind is greater than 15 km/h.  

Other Waste Disposal Options: 

Burning yard waste is a violation of Bylaw No. 7990. Consider environmentally responsible ways of dealing with the yard waste you generate such as a the City's green cart program, or home composting.