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Careers at the City


The City of Saskatoon was selected in 2014 as one of the Saskatchewan’s Top Employers and as one of Canada's Best Diversity Employers. 

The City believes the civic workforce should be representative of the public it serves. If you are a person of Aboriginal ancestry; a person with a disability; a member of a visible minority; and/or a woman interested in a non-traditional occupation and would like to be considered for employment under the Employment Equity Plan, please complete the Employment Equity Section when you submit your resume online.

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Applying for a Job

Applications are only accepted for positions that are posted on our Current Employment Opportunities page.

Competitions are posted for one week, opening every Wednesday and closing the following Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. (17:00) CST.  Competitions advertised in newspapers may have a later closing date for external applicants.

Please Note: The intended audience for the current employment opportunities includes both internal employees and members of the general public. There is an obligation under the provisions of the collective bargaining agreements to consider all internal candidates prior to considering members of the general public.

Application Reviews

Once competitions close, applications are reviewed and candidates are selected (usually within two to four weeks) for an interview based on a combination of:

  • education;
  • training;
  • experience;
  • ability necessary to fulfill job requirements; and
  • seniority (as applicable)

While we appreciate the interest of all applicants, only those candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.


In most cases, candidates selected for an interview will be contacted by phone. Candidates will be advised of:

  • the date, time, duration and location of the interview; and
  • the interview panel, which usually consists of representatives from Human Resources and the department requiring the job.

The general structure of the interview includes:

  • a description of the job;
  • questions to determine the candidate's education and work experience;
  • questions to determine the candidate's skills and abilities relating to the job
  • general information of the candidate, such as, salary, start date and availability;
  • an opportunity for the candidate to ask questions about the job; and
  • information regarding when and how the candidate will receive the results of the interview (offers are usually made by phone).

Candidate Selection

Employment decisions are based on a combination of seniority, education, related work experience, suitability, the interview and references. 

Positions that require the employee to directly handle cash, enter private property and/or work with the vulnerable population (persons with a disability, elderly and youth) will need a Criminal Occurrence Security Check and/or Vulnerable Sector Search. This requirement will be indicated within the Qualifications section on the job posting. Having a criminal record does not necessarily preclude an individual from being employed by the City of Saskatoon. The nature of the offence, when it took place, and the relevance of the offence to the position for which you are applying are considered before making a decision.

The successful candidate will be contacted by the Human Resources Consultant.  An offer of employment will be made outlining the conditions of employment.  The start date will be confirmed, as well as the location and time to report for work.  An offer letter will be sent by Human Resources, outlining the information that was discussed on the phone.

Collective Agreements

Current Employment Opportunities

Competitions are posted every Wednesday and close the following Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. (17:00) CST. The City of Saskatoon accepts applications only for positions that are posted.

Facts on Transit Contract Negotiations


The City of Saskatoon is one of Saskatchewan's top employers. We are an equity partner with the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission and one of Canada's best diversity employers. Learn more about our Employment Equity Plan. 


The City of Saskatoon offers competitive benefits packages for all of its employees, including pensions, group life insurance, dental insurance and disability income.