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Safe Driving

Traffic safety is a top priority. Get driving tips and learn more about how to respect all road users. 

School Zones

The maximum speed limit in a school zone is 30 km/h to give motorists and pedestrians more time to react in an unexpected situation. 

Photo Speed Enforcement

All infractions are manually reviewed by a member of the Saskatoon Police Service who uses their discretion to confirm whether a speeding violation has occurred.

Red Light Cameras

Red light cameras are installed at intersections as a safety measure to help to reduce the number of severe collisions and fatalities at recognized dangerous intersections throughout the city.  

Traffic Safety Action Plan

The Traffic Safety Action Plan consists of over 30 collaborative and data-driven strategies that focus on education, enforcement and/or engineering. 

Winter Driving

During winter, drivers are reminded to use caution, reduce speed and remember to avoid sudden stops and quick direction changes.

Slow to 30 in Work Zones

Studies show that slowing down 20 km/h - from 50 to 30 - can increase the survival rate of a road worker in a collision with a vehicle by 90%. This summer, one-day or less repair or maintenance work in Saskatoon on local streets (posted 50 km/h) will start using new temporary regulatory signs to reduce the speed in the work zone to 30 km/h.

Respect Work Zones

“At what cost?” public awareness campaign reminds drivers that they put lives at risk when they are distracted or speed while passing construction work zones.