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Minor Variances

A minor variance is a variation not exceeding 25% of the Zoning Bylaw 8770 requirements for:

  • the minimum required distance of a building from the site line; or, 
  • the minimum required distance of a building to any other building on the site.   

In addition, where a change in use to a permitted or discretionary use of an existing building is proposed in an Established Neighbourhood, a minor variance may be granted for a variation not exceeding 25% of the Zoning Bylaw 8770 requirements of:  

  • the minimum site area;
  • the minimum site width;
  • the minimum site depth;
  • regulations applicable to Parking and Loading Space requirements;
  • site coverage; or,
  • gross floor space ratio.

No minor variance shall be granted for a discretionary use, a discretionary form of development with a zoning agreement.

Requesting a Minor Variance

In order to request a minor variance, an applicant may:

  • Complete the Minor Variance Application form.
  • Include a cheque or money order for the $57.50 application fee made payable to the City of Saskatoon. 
  • Submit application, fee and any appropriate supporting materials to Planning and Development, 222-3rd Avenue North, Saskatoon, SK S7K 0J5.

Minor Variance Process

Planning and Development Review 

On receipt of an application for minor variance, the Development Officer may:

  • approve the minor variance; 
  • approve the minor variance and impose terms and conditions on the approval; or 
  • refuse the minor variance.

Where the Development Officer imposes terms and conditions on an approval pursuant to Subsection (3), the terms and conditions shall be consistent with the general development standards in this Bylaw.

Decision Regarding a Minor Variance

The applicant and assessed owners of the adjacent properties will be notified in writing once a decision is rendered. The decision approving a minor variance, with or without terms and conditions, is not effective until 23 days from the date of notice if delivered by registered mail or 20 days from the date of notice, if delivered by personal service. If any assessed owner of an adjacent property objects to the approved minor variance prior to the effective date, the approval is revoked.

Where the assessed owners who have received a notice provide the Development Officer in writing that they do not object to the minor variance, the decision approving the minor variance takes effect on the day it is made.

Appeal Process

If an application for a minor variance is revoked, refused or approved with terms and conditions, the applicant may appeal to the Development Appeals Board within 30 days of the date of that notification.