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HELP Installment Request

The Installment Request Form is part 3 of a 5-part application process.

Making an installment request is optional and only for program participants that are eligible for installment payments. You may qualify for an installment payment if you meet the following criteria:

1. Your project includes multiple upgrades

2. Your total project value is over $20,000

3. You have hired a professional contractor to complete some or all your upgrades

Submit this form only after you have completed the Funding Request form, signed the HELP Deferral Agreement, and have an invoice from a contractor for the portion of your project that is complete.

Installment payments are an advance on your loan. The installments are paid to your hired contractor(s) directly for work that’s been completed only. 

Online Form:  HELP Installment Request

1 Start 2 Installment Payment 3 Interest 4 Complete

To receive an installment payment, you are required to complete the Installment Request form questions and attach the final invoice for the portion of the project that is completed only. Installment payments cannot exceed the total value of your estimated loan.

Applicants requesting payment for an unfinished project or a do-it yourself (DIY) project will not be provided with an installment payment.


You can find your HELP reference number in your application approval email or on your funding request form submission.
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