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Driving & Roadways

Road Maintenance & Repair

As part of Building Better Roads, the City provides services for the operation and preservation of all roadway assets, including roads, sidewalks, interchange structures, river bridges, lanes and pathways.

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Managing Traffic

Saskatoon's Transportation Department monitors traffic flows around the city and uses collected data to make necessary adjustments to reduce traffic noise in neighbourhoods, manage intersections and maintain pavement markings.

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Find out how the City makes getting around Saskatoon easier and safer.

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Traffic Bylaw

The Traffic Bylaw is extensive. Here you will find it in its entirety as well as a list of the top 10 inquiries the City receives regarding the bylaw. 

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The City manages snow and ice on priority roads and removes large snow piles to improve the drivability and safety of roads.

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Test your StreetSmarts about traffic safety and look out for each other out there on the road.

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