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Fire Inspections

Fire Inspections

Fire inspections are in place as a prevention measure to protect citizens in their homes, offices and in public spaces. Fire inspectors conduct routine inspections of commercial businesses, public buildings and multi-family residential occupancies to ensure compliance with The National Fire Code, resulting in fewer fires, fewer deaths, and a significant reduction in property loss. 

Commercial Inspections 

Fire inspections are completed for all commercial and multi-residential buildings. If you own a building, property or business in Saskatoon, it’s important to be aware of your responsibilities outlined in The National Fire Code.  

Owners and property managers are also encouraged to practice regular fire safety using the following resources: 

  • Fire Safety Checklist (PDF
  • Fire Drills Guideline (PDF
  • Fire Safety Plan (PDF
  • Smoke Alarm Inspection, Testing & Maintenance Records (PDF

To book an inspection, call (306) 975-2578. 

Residential Inspections 

Property maintenance inspections are completed by the Saskatoon Fire Department when a Property Maintenance Complaint is submitted. Under the Property Maintenance & Nuisance Abatement Bylaw 8175, homeowners in the City of Saskatoon are responsible for ensuring yards and kept clean, safe and free from: 

  • Garbage and junk 
  • Junked vehicles and dismantled machinery 
  • Weeds and grass taller than 20cm (8 inches) 
  • Holes and excavations that could cause an accident 
  • Rodents, vermin and insects 
  • Areas that may allow water to pool 

To report an unsightly property, submit a Property Maintenance Complaint online or call the Property Maintenance & Safety Hotline: 306-975-2828. 


When voluntary compliance is not achieved, the fire inspection process can lead to enforcement measures such as tickets, orders to remedy and prosecutions.