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Veteran Parking

As a thank you for their valued service to Canada and our allies, Veterans who are issued a Veteran Parking permit are permitted to park in any valid public parking space across Saskatoon free of charge.

Veteran parking permits are available to individuals who served overseas as a member of:

  • the Canadian Forces, an allied force, the Merchant Navy or Ferry Command in World War I, World War II or the Korean War; or
  • the United Nations Peacekeepers;

Eligibility and Limitations

The vehicle must have Veterans Plates and be registered to a Veteran who is the principal operator of the vehicle. The owner must reside within a 30-kilometre radius of Saskatoon. Only one permit will be issued to each eligible Veteran, which must be displayed and clearly visible at all times while in use.

Veteran parking permits are not valid in private parking spaces or in restricted parking areas, e.g. No Parking, No Stopping, Bus Stops, Residential Parking areas.  Permit holders are still required to park within posted maximum parking time limits and comply with all other aspects of the Traffic Bylaw.

How to Apply

Veterans must submit an application for a Veteran Parking permit to Parking Services.  Proof of vehicle registration and a photocopy of both sides of your discharge certificate, certificate of service, or other accepted documentation will be required along with your application.

 Veteran Parking Permit Application

Application forms are also available for pick up at City Hall.  All applicants will be notified by mail regarding the status of their application.  If approved, the permit will be provided at no cost.

For more information call us at 306-975-2548 or send us an email.