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Permit Forms & Applications


Find a complete listing of required submission forms, permit applications, and information documents for your next project. Use the search tool to refine your search and find relevant materials for your specific project.  

Permit Forms & Applications Index

Title Description
Addressing Key Plan Requirements

Sample addressing key plans for industrial, commercial, institutional, and multi-storey sites

Addressing Key Plan Requirements for Group Dwelling Sites

Sample addressing key plans for residential group dwelling sites

Alternative Solution Request Form

Request for an alternative solution to the National Building Code

Alternative Solutions For Plumbing Handout

Requirements for requesting an alternative solution to the National Plumbing Code

Application for Apartment and Condo Buildings

Application form for apartments and condo buildings. 

Application for Final Occupancy

Application form for final occupancy of a building.

Application for Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional Buildings

Application form for commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings

Application for Interim Occupancy

Application form for interim occupancy of a building to occupy prior to final completion.

Application for Residential Buildings

Application form for residential construction on group-dwelling sites.  

Application for a Demolition Permit

Submission form for demolitions, removal, or relocation of buildings or underground tanks.