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The City of Saskatoon requires:

  • licensing of all dogs and cats aged 4 months and up 
  • dogs and cats may not run at large; and 
  • owners must clean up after their pets.

For complete listing of approved domestic and exotic animals within Saskatoon, please refer to the Animal Control Bylaw 7860

Animal Control

The Saskatoon Animal Control Agency (SACA) (306-385-7387 - 24 hours) is under contract to the City to provide animal control services.

  • Reporting of animals at large; 
  • Reporting barking and howling; 
  • Complaints regarding defecation; or 
  • Reporting of dangerous animals.


The Saskatoon S.P.C.A. (306-374-7387) is under contract to the City to provide lost and found and investigative services. Call their main line should you require any of the following services:

Services include: 

  • lost and found;
  • adoptions; 
  • Animal abuse or neglect; 
  • Hoarding; or 
  • Animal in distress.

Zero Tolerance Enforcement. No warnings are issued! 

Renewal Enforcement

  • Dog and cat licenses are valid for one year and must be renewed.
  • At least one month prior to the expiry of a pet licence, a renewal notice is sent out.
  • Owners who fail to renew pet licenses are subject to a minimum fine of $250.

Pet-At-Large (PAL) Perk

The PAL Perk can be used once in the lifetime of a pet for:

  • Running-at-large; or
  • Both running-at-large and impound fees if incurred at the same time.

The PAL Perk will be tracked using your pet’s license number. 

  • Valid pet license required
  • The license must be purchased prior to the offense


  • Animals deemed dangerous by court order
  • Animals acting in an aggressive manner as established by an Animal Control Officer
  • Owners who have wilfully and purposely allowed their animals to run loose