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Property Tax & Assessment


A reassessment of all property classes is required by provincial legislation every four years so that property values are current. 2021 was a provincial reassessment year, find information on how properties are assessed, view helpful videos, find Request for Information Forms and FAQs.

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Assessment Appeals

Information on formally appealing your property’s assessment, Board of Revision appeal deadlines, appeal form, FAQs 

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Property Tax

Learn more about the three components of annual property tax: Municipal Tax, Library Tax and Education Tax. Find important dates, Individual & Corporate School Tax Declaration Forms, the helpful Property Tax & Assessment Tool, your tax payment options and more. Make changes (name, address) to your tax information here.

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Tax Payment

Information on tax notices, due dates, your payment options including paying your tax bill in 12 monthly instalments (TIPPS Application/Cancellation Form), Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program, Property Tax Refund Request Form and more.

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Request For Information

Request for Information Project, downloadable Commercial Request for Information Form, Guides for various property classes, options for returning your  Request for Information Form.

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Tax Rates & Mill Rates

Information on Tax Rates, Municipal Tax Ratio Policy, Historical Mill Rates, Mill Rate Factors and more.

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