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Public Pay Parking

New pay parking app has launched 

The WayToPark App was discontinued by the vendor as of June 30. Beginning July 1, Parkedin will officially replace WayToPark as the City’s app-based parking payment service. The Parkedin app will be available for public download and use starting June 1. Download it for iOS (App Store) or Android (Google Play) devices.  Learn how to register for Parkedin on their website. Parking is still one zone fits all! Zone 1333 is used for all City of Saskatoon paid parking locations.

Public parking in the Downtown, Broadway, Riversdale, River Landing and Sutherland areas, as well as streets adjacent to St. Paul's and Saskatoon City Hospitals, is metered from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday to Saturday.  Payment is not required outside these hours, on Sundays or on statutory holidays (New Year's Day, Family Day, Good Friday, Victoria Day, Canada Day, Saskatchewan Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Remembrance Day and Christmas Day)​.  

The current public parking rate is $2.00 per hour, with a minimum purchase of $0.25 (7.5 minutes) at a FlexParking station or $0.50 (15 minutes) using the Parkedin app. Payment is only required in pay parking areas.  Watch for the "Pay Parking Zone" signs.

Parking time limits vary by location.  Watch for signs wherever you are parking.  If you have reached the posted time limit but need more time in the area, move your vehicle to another block face, e.g. around the corner or across the street.  Any time left on your paid session will still be valid in your new location. 

FlexParking - pay once, park anywhere!

The City's FlexParking system makes paying for parking easy in Saskatoon.  Simply purchase parking from any FlexParking pay station, using the Parkedin app, or by scanning the QR code on the nearest pay station and your paid session is valid at any public pay parking space across Saskatoon.   

For example, if you purchase three hours of parking at a Downtown FlexParking station at 10:00 a.m., you can finish your business Downtown and move to Riversdale, then Broadway, then any other FlexParking parking area until your session expires at 1:00 p.m.  Remember parking time limits vary by location and your session does not pause while you are driving.

FlexParking - 3 Ways to Pay

1. FlexParking Stations  

Once you have parked your vehicle, find any FlexParking  pay station.  

  1. Enter your vehicle license plate number or the last 10 digits of a temporary permit. 
  2. Pay for the amount of parking time you need 
  3. Check that your payment information and license plate number are correct, then confirm your transaction 
  4. Print a receipt (OPTIONAL) 

That’s it! Your vehicle is validated to park for the amount of time purchased. You do not need to display a receipt or ticket on your dashboard. 

If you make a mistake, as long as you haven’t confirmed your transaction, you can cancel your purchase at any time and start over. 

FlexParking pay stations accept: 

  • Coins (quarters, loonies and toonies)
  • Credit Cards (Visa and MasterCard)  
  • The stations are not equipped to accept bills or debit cards at this time. 

2. Scan QR Code 

Don’t want to download an app? Using the camera on your phone, scan the QR on the nearest pay station to pay on the mobile Parkedin website.  Zone 1333 is used for all City of Saskatoon paid parking locations.

Parkedin mobile site accepts: 

  • Credit Cards (Visa and MasterCard) 
  • Debit Cards 

3. Parkedin App 

The ​Parkedin app eliminates the need of going to a FlexParking station to pay for public parking.  Instead, you can pay directly from your smartphone!   

The app contains a variety of features that allow users to enter and save information including license plate numbers, credit cards and debit cards. You can also print or view receipts and extend current parking sessions.  Parkedin is available for download on both iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play) devices.  

Zone 1333 is used for all City of Saskatoon paid parking locations.

Parkedin app accepts: 

  • Credit Cards (Visa and MasterCard) 
  • Debit Cards 

Parkedin uses the highest possible security for all transactions and all card numbers are encrypted.   

Parkedin is a third party app developed, maintained and updated by Precise Park Link, a Canadian company and a global leader in parking payment solutions.  Should you have issues with the Parkedin app, please contact the service provider directly on their website


City Parking Lots

The City of Saskatoon has four 9-hour parking lots located throughout the Downtown and Riversdale.  View the Public Pay Parking Area Map for specific lot locations.  

The FlexParking stations located within each of these lots are specially programed to accept payment for up to 9-hours of parking. You can also use the Parkedin app; however, it will only allow you to pay for 3-hours at a time.    

Please Note:  The City lot located next to the YMCA on the corner of Idylwyld and 22nd Street is adjacent to an Impark lot.  Please ensure you know which lot you have parked in before confirming your payment.  

Frequently Asked Questions

FlexParking System:

Why do I have to enter my license plate number?

The FlexParking system is a pay by license plate system.  Much like a password, your license plate number must be entered correctly for the system to know you've paid for parking.  Without a plate number, or with an incorrect plate number, Parking Enforcement officers cannot confirm you have paid to park your vehicle in a public space. They cannot search for a similar plate number or confirm your payment with the wrong information.  Vehicles with license plate numbers that have no valid record of payment will be ticketed.

I have a temporary permit for my vehicle. How do I pay for parking?

If you have a temporary permit for your vehicle, enter the last 10 digits on the permit for the system to know you've paid for parking. Without a permit number, or with an incorrect permit number, Parking Enforcement officers cannot confirm you have paid to park your vehicle in a public space. They cannot search for a similar permit number or confirm your payment with the wrong information. Vehicles with temporary permits that have no valid record of payment will be ticketed.

I have a meeting or appointment from 8:30 a.m. to 9:30 a.m., how do I pay for the last half hour?

Both the FlexParking pay stations and the Parkedin app accept payment from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Payments made before 9:00 a.m. will be held until 9:00 a.m., so you can pay for the needed 30 minutes of paid parking at 8:30 a.m.


Can I be refunded for unused time?

No. Just like with old coin meters, there are no refunds for unused time that has been purchased.

That said, your FlexParking purchase is valid in any metered parking space across Saskatoon. If you have unused time left on your paid session, you can park in any other FlexParking area until it expires.  Remember parking time limits vary by location and your session does not pause while you are driving.


I moved my car but still had time remaining. Can I apply the unused time to another location?

Yes! Your paid session is valid at any City of Saskatoon pay parking space across the city until it expires. This does not apply to private lots or restricted parking areas. Please note that your session does not pause while you are driving.

Where do I get a Pre-Paid City Parking Card? How much do they cost?

Parking cards are available for purchase at the City Hall Payment Centre (cashiers).

  • The $5.00 fee is a non-refundable deposit fee. 
  • Parking cards are re-loadable at the City Hall Payment Centre.
  • You can check your card balance at
  • City Parking cards can be used at City of Saskatoon FlexParking stations (not in the Parkedin app or online).
  • City is not responsible for lost or stolen cards.  

How does Parking Enforcement know that I have paid for parking?

Parking Enforcement will check the actual plate numbers displayed to identify which parked vehicles have paid for parking and which have not, at any given time. The paid parking session information is saved on a server and accessed by Parking Enforcement. To ensure you have a valid paid session, please enter the license plate number exactly as it is displayed on the vehicle license plate you have parked.

I have received a fine although I have paid for my parking.

First, please be respectful to the officer. You may receive a paper ticket, but don’t worry! With verification of payment, an officer’s error can certainly be corrected at the time of the ticket or through the “Request to Review” (RTR) process.  Please call Customer Service at 306-975-2400 to initiate an RTR.

All parking tickets go through a review system where tickets that have been issued in obvious error are cancelled. We encourage you to wait 2 business days and then check if your ticket still holds by searching for your ticket number.


FlexParking Pay Stations:

Do I need to take a receipt?

A receipt is not required to validate your transaction. Entering your correct license plate number, paying for your session, and confirming your transaction is all you have to do. If you do not want a receipt, simply follow the instructions on the display panel to skip this option.

If you require reimbursement from your employer or if you prefer to keep paper records of your transactions, a receipt may be useful to you. Simply follow the instructions on the display panel to print your receipt.


Do I need exact change?

Yes. If you are paying with coin you'll need to use exact change, just like with old coin meters.

FlexParking stations will not calculate or give change for accepted purchases. For example, a $2 coin can only be used to purchase one hour of parking. The pay station will not give change if you wish to purchase less than an hour with a $2 coin.

FlexParking stations are outfitted with a coin return slot for coins that aren't recognized by the machine. If you try to pay with change that doesn't register time, please check the coin return slot below the instruction panel.

What do I do if a pay station is temporarily out of service?

If you find that a pay stations terminal is not functioning, please use the Parkedin app, scan the QR code on the pay station to pay on the mobile site or go to another pay station, as vehicles that have not paid for parking will be ticketed.  A pay station being out of service does not mean you do not have to pay for parking. 



Parkedin App:

How do I know which zone number I should use with Parkedin?

Parking in Saskatoon is one zone fits all!  Zone 1333 is used for all City of Saskatoon paid parking locations throughout the Downtown, Broadway, Riversdale and Sutherland areas, and adjacent to City Hospital and St. Paul’s Hospital.  The zone number will automatically be displayed if your phone’s location services are turned on.  If not, enter either "City of Saskatoon Pay Parking" or "1333" in the search bar.  After you’ve used the app once, the zone number will be stored in your “recent” zones. 

Do I need to include spaces when entering my license plate number into Parkedin?

No, enter your plate information without spaces.


Can I register several vehicle license plates and credit cards or debit to my Parkedin account?

Yes, there is no limit to the number of vehicle license plates or credit or debit cards or that you can register.  The Parkedin app will store your credit card information after the first time that you input it to pay to park but you aren’t able to enter it in the app before then. Parkedin can be used, for example, to account for private and business-related parking sessions separately.  It is also possible to have several ongoing parking sessions for different vehicles.

Please be aware that if you register more than one vehicle license plate within the app, it will default to one plate.  Ensure you select the correct license plate before confirming your parking session.

Do I need to input my payment information each time I use the app?

No. Once you have completed your first transaction on the Parkedin app it will remember your payment information. 


Is my payment secure?

Yes, payments made using the Parkedin™ mobile app and web-based platform undergo secure and certified payment processing complying with level-1 (highest level) Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards.

How can I find out if my parking transaction was processed?

After confirming the transaction details, the details will appear under “Ongoing”

I made a mistake when inputting the zone, duration or license plate into Parkedin.  What can I do?

Users are unable to change parking transaction details once the parking session has been confirmed. Please take care to enter your information correctly under “My Info” and then be diligent to ensure you’ve selected the correct info before confirming the purchase.  If you have parked under the wrong location or vehicle license plate, please start a new transaction with the correct details. Payment with an incorrect plate could result in a valid parking ticket.

How do I “top up” my Parkedin session?

If your Parkedin parking session is about to expire, you can top up your time through the Parkedin app. The app will notify you before time is about to expire (make sure you turn on notifications in your phone settings).  Click on the “Extend” option and select the increased time.  Remember parking is limited to a maximum amount of time, which varies depending on location. Watch for signs!

If I paid for parking through an on-street FlexParking station, can I extend my parking session using the Parkedin app?

If you paid for parking at a FlexParking station and your parking session is about to expire, you can start a new session through the Parkedin app. Simply start a new parking session and complete your transaction through the Parkedin app.

I can’t add more time to my parking, why?

You can purchase a maximum of 3 hours per session using the Parkedin app. If you purchase 3 hours, the app does not allow for another paid session until the current one has expired. However, it is your responsibility to be aware of the parking time limits for the area in which your vehicle is parked. Please ensure alert notifications are enabled on the Parkedin app to remind you when a session is ending. 

Why has Parkedin refused my payment?

This could be due to several reasons, for example:

  • The card has expired.
  • There is insufficient funds in your account to process the transaction.

Please check the expiry date on the registered card that you are using for the purchase. If the card has expired, delete it and add a valid card.

How do I get a receipt for a previous transaction in Parkedin?

You will find receipts of your completed purchases in “My info” “Parking History”. The receipt (PDF) can be sent to an email by clicking "Send receipt".

I have forgotten my username for Parkedin.  What do I do?

Your username is usually the email address you used when you registered your account. If not, please contact the Parkedin support team at on their website.

I get the message “Communication error with server”.  What do I do?

Check to ensure you have cellular data coverage or are connected to Wi-Fi. Some Wi-Fi access points require a log in, ensure you are logged in and have Wi-Fi access.  If this does not work, please make your way to an on-street FlexParking station.

I received a “Server request timeout” message.  What do I do?

This rare message may indicate the app server is current experiencing issues.  Please wait a moment and retry.  If you cannot complete the purchase, please make your way to an on-street FlexParking station.