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Sustainable Electricity

Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are new, but are expected to become the new normal with changes to our climate and legislation. Learn more as we create a future community, one vehicle at a time.

Clean Power Generation Initiatives

The Landfill Gas Collection & Power Generation System reduces Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions by over 50,000 tonnes per year - equivalent to removing over 10,000 vehicles from our roads each year.

Customer Self-Generation Programs

Building a future community. Save money, reduce your environmental impact, and generate your own power to use or sell.  

Solar Power Demonstration Site

The Saskatoon Solar Power Demonstration Site is a collaboration between Saskatoon Light & Power, the SES Solar Co-operative, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, and the Saskatchewan Environmental Society. 

Hydropower Station

 A new hydropower system is proposed at the existing Saskatoon Weir that will generate 5.5-6.1 megawatts of clean power with an estimated 21,120 tonnes reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.