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Yellow Fish Road

Protect Our South Saskatchewan River!

The Yellow Fish Road Program was established in 1991 by Trout Unlimited Canada. This program has been implemented across the country to help educate people about water supply and the impact that communities can have on the clean water supply.  As part of this program, storm drains are marked with a yellow fish symbol to remind residents “what goes into the storm sewer goes directly to our river.”

Did you know storm water goes to our rivers untreated?

Unwanted household products discarded in storm drains flow directly through underground pipes into our river. These hazardous wastes do not go through the sewage treatment plant. The chemicals endanger fish and other aquatic life. The chemicals also harm our river water which we use for recreation, cooking and drinking. Harmful products include used motor oil, pesticides, herbicides, gasoline, antifreeze, paint thinners, pet waste, and other common household products.

How can you help?

  1. Wash your car at a car wash to prevent soap from entering storm drains.
  2. Scoop your dog’s poop and put it in the garbage.
  3. Take hazardous household chemicals to designated drop off locations.
  4. Fertilize lawns and gardens naturally with compost, grass cuttings and topsoil.
  5. Invite insect predators to your yard:  birds (houses), ladybugs (leaf litter), spiders (leave webs), and bats (boxes).
  6. Pull weeds by hand, or host a weed pulling party!
  7. Sweep dirt and sediment onto the lawn - not the street.
  8. Fix car leaks so fluid does not get washed down the drain.

The City of Saskatoon has partnered with Meewasin, the Girl Guides of Canada (Saskatoon), Partners FOR the Saskatchewan River Basin, and Trout Unlimited Canada to support this program in Saskatoon. Any school or community group wanting to participate can do so by registering with the Yellow Fish Road website at Once a group is registered they can download the program guide which gives them what they need to implement the program. Groups are encouraged to develop their own kits to paint storm sewers. However, kits can be borrowed from the Girl Guides of Canada (Saskatoon 306-652-3275). Hangers and stencils can be ordered directly from the Yellow Fish Road website, or obtained from Meewasin or Partners FOR the Saskatchewan River Basin while supplies last.

Trout Unlimited Canada:

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