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Sidewalk Planning

Report a Foot Trail

Do you know of an informal foot trail along a street in your neighbourhood? Tell us! A foot trail, also known as a goat trail or desire line, is a route that many people walk along even without the provision of a sidewalk. Email us the location including the street name and block number.


Sidewalk Infill Program

This program involves the design and construction of new sidewalks or pathways adjacent to existing arterial roadways, collector roads or local streets.

The Active Transportation Implementation Plan, approved by City Council on March 25, 2019, provided a five-year plan for sidewalk infrastructure expansion and identified the following next steps for the Sidewalk Infill Program: 

  • conduct a detailed review of the inventory of missing sidewalks; 
  • prioritize the sidewalks for implementation; 
  • complete feasibility analysis; 
  • prepare designs for construction; and 
  • develop cost estimates. 

A review of the inventory of missing sidewalks is substantially complete. The City is currently working on applying the Sidewalk Infill Prioritization Criteria. More information on the criteria is available here

City Council, at its Regular Business meeting held on August 26, 2019, considered a report on accelerating pedestrian accessible curb ramps and sidewalks implementation and resolved, in part: “That the Administration report back within one year with a prioritized list of projects totalling $20,000,000 for the Sidewalk Infill program”. The follow up report was presented to Standing Policy Committee on Transportation at their meeting on September 8, 2020. The report, and the prioritized list totalling $20,000,000 is available here