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Property Tax


A reassessment of all property classes is required by provincial legislation every four years so that property values are current.

Assessment Appeals

Learn more about the formal appeal process and the 30-day Customer Review Period for 2019, and how to resolve your assessment related inquiries.

Property Tax

Find up-to-date property tax information for the current year, including tax assessments on your property. Make changes to your tax declarations or contact information.

Tax Payment

Get all the information you need on tax due dates, payment options, and penalties. Apply for TIPPS. Find out if you're eligible for the Seniors' Property Tax Deferral Program.

Tax Rates & Mill Rates

The City of Saskatoon uses a series of formulas based on provincial laws and regulatory agencies to determine our annual tax rate. Find out more about Saskatoon's Tax Rates, Tax Mill Rates and our Mill Rate History.

Request For Information

Since 2005 The City of Saskatoon has requested information from property owners or managers concerning the physical characteristics, revenue, and expenses present in their property.  The information collected is then used to develop realistic and accurate assessments for all properties in Saskatoon.