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Multi-Unit Dwellings: Metal Garbage Bins

multi-unit garbage

The City of Saskatoon provides a weekly garbage collection to apartments and condominiums in metal bins. Building property owners, managers, or condominium associations purchase their own metal bins and can apply for a grant to offset their costs. Buildings may contract services privately.

 What you can expect from us

  1. The City provides weekly garbage collections of metal garbage bins using automated trucks.

 How you can help us

  1. Bag and tie all garbage before putting in your metal garbage bin.
  2. No recyclables, hazardous waste or liquids.
  3. No furniture, oversized materials, or construction waste.
  4. Do not park in front of metal garbage bins.
  5. If you experience issues with metal bin capacities, please contact your property manager.

What goes in your metal garbage bin?

Residents living in multi-unit dwellings and condominiums can use metal bins for all their non-recyclable and non-hazardous household garbage including styrofoam, diapers and wipes. Use the Waste Wizard tool to find out what goes in your garbage bin.

Rates and Fees

Multi-unit garbage collections and metal garbage bin grants are funded through property taxes. 

Metal Garbage Bin Grant   

The Metal Garbage Bin Grant is designed to offset the cost of purchasing and maintaining a metal bin at multi-unit dwellings. Property owners and condominium associations with metal garbage bins may apply for a grant amount of $8 per year per habitable residential unit. Properties are required to apply each year for this grant, by November 1.  Applications will be reviewed and processed at the end of the year and successful applicants will be notified in December of the same year.

Metal Garbage Bin Grant Application Form 

Grant Criteria

Your property must meet all the following criteria to be eligible for the grant:

  • Single-family homes that receive garbage collection through black roll-out garbage carts (provided by the City) are not eligible for the grant.
  • Use of the grant is at the discretion of the property owners and/or condominium association. Options include maintaining (or purchasing, as required) an approved metal bin for collection by the City (a service paid for through property taxes), or to help off-set the cost of a private waste removal service.
  • In order to use the City’s garbage collection service, metal bins must be pre-approved by the Water & Waste Operations Division. Please call 306-975-2486 to arrange for pre-approval.

Customer Service

In order to use the City’s garbage collection service, metal bins and garbage enclosures must be pre-approved by the Water & Waste Operations Division. Property managers can call 306-975-2486 to arrange for pre-approval.

For questions or concerns about multi-unit garbage collections, metal garbage bin grants, and program details, please contact us by email or call 306-975-2486.

To report damage to any City property or illegally disposed waste, submit the online form or call 306-975-2486.