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Procurement Review

We’re committed to continuous improvement, transparency and making positive changes to improve the way we do things every day…in the services we offer, the programs and initiatives we undertake, the processes we follow and in our policies that affect how others do business with the City.

The Materials Management Division, along with the City Solicitor’s Office, and with input from other key stakeholders here at the City, have partnered to make a number of changes to how we do procurement at the City.

Importantly, we’d now like to ask for your feedback on a number of new DRAFT documents (Contracts, Templates, Procurement How to Guide) that will be used consistently throughout the City. We are also asking for recommendations you may have on Aboriginal, Social and Sustainability procurement considerations for inclusion in the City's future procurement practices.

Visit to review the DRAFT documents of interest to you,  and to share your specific feedback and recommendations with us throughout July - August 2018. The procurement review engagement site will be open until August 31, 2018.


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