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Urban Design

Business Improvement Districts

Planning & Development provides support and information to the four Business Improvement Districts (BIDS) in Saskatoon - Downtown, Riversdale, Broadway and Sutherland. Information and some back ground research is also provided to community groups which are considering forming a BID.

Broadway Business Improvement District 
Downtown Business Improvement District
Riversdale Business Improvement District
Sutherland Business Improvement District
33rd Business Improvement District    ***link coming soon

Streetscape Projects

The Urban Design team strives to bring forth a place’s unique identity and build a city that is healthy, inclusive and distinct. Streetscape development projects are complex and require the collaboration and cooperation of numerous work groups across the Corporation and numerous stakeholder and community groups in the city to be completed successfully. The aim is to transform public places in key commercial districts by accentuating Saskatoon’s distinct identity and by bringing out the area’s sense of place. Streetscape improvements include corner bulbs and extended bus bulbs, sidewalk remediation with amenity strip, street trees, sidewalk lighting, street furniture, public art and special place-making features.

20th Streetscape Improvements

The purpose of the proposed streetscape improvement project is to continue enhancement and rejuvenation of the vibrant Riversdale Business Improvement District as recommended in the City's 20th Street Streetscape Master Plan. Through the creation of street corner bulbs, a paved amenity strip, street trees and new sidewalk furniture, the unique character and diverse cultures of the area will be celebrated in this project. City Council approved the 20th Street West Streetscape Concept Plan from Avenue E to Avenue H at its meeting January 21st, 2013. Construction of the first block from Avenue E to Avenue F started in 2013.

3rd Avenue Streetscape Improvements

This project involves streetscaping from 19th Street to 23rd Street, including sidewalk remediation, the installation of street trees, irrigation, and street furniture, and coordination with Saskatoon Light and Power for overhead line removal. 3rd Avenue is a key street in the Partnership BID area and has been identified in the Downtown Plan as a streetscaping priority.

The first phases from 19th Street to 22nd Street are substantially complete. Remaining work will be done in coordination with other construction work in the area.

Some of the improvements include:

  • Planted centre median, street trees, and visual amenities
  • Corner bulbing and extend bus bulbs
  • Sidewalk improvements with amenity strip
  • Heritage interpretation elements
  • Pedestrian lighting and unique street furniture
  • Two lanes of traffic with a shared bike lane in each direction
  • Parallel parking
  • Removal of overhead lines
  • Resurfacing of 3rd Avenue

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Banner Program

The installation of banners creates a welcoming atmosphere and provides a sense of arrival to tourists and other motorists.

Banners also enhance the pedestrian environment when installed along retail corridors such as Broadway and 2nd Avenue by providing a festive atmosphere and decorating the street with colour. In addition to initiating its own banner program, the City receives requests from outsides agencies to install banners along city streets. Accompanying banner policy and guidelines provide a framework which allows banner programs to proceed in a coordinated, safe and aesthetically acceptable manner.  

To apply to the banner program, review the banner application letter and fill out and send in the banner application.