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Committee Appointment Form

New applications for positions on civic boards and committees will be accepted starting September 24.

If you are not currently sitting on a civic board or committee, and wish to serve, please fill out the form below.

You must complete all sections except for the section marked 'Employment Equity Designated Groups' which is optional. Please enter "NA" in any that are not applicable. You may also download a printable version of this form from the website.

Please complete a separate application for each committee. You must submit a short (1-2 page) resume with each on-line application.

All applicants will be contacted once City Council has made its decision.

If you are currently sitting on a civic board or committee, PLEASE USE THE RE-APPOINTMENTS FORM INSTEAD.

Files must be less than 4.00 MB
Allowed file types: pdf, doc, docx

1-2 pages stating background and experience. Maximum filesize is 4MB.


Please submit two references. Your references must fill out and submit the "Reference Form" (either on-line or in hard-copy). Your application will not be processed without this supporting documentation.

Reference 1
Reference 2

Are you a member of any of the following employment equity designated groups?

The City of Saskatoon has adopted a Cultural Diversity and Race Relations Policy and is striving towards having the membership of its committees reflect the diversity of Saskatoon's population. Completion of the following section is strictly voluntary.