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Council Chamber Visitor Screening

Effective November 1, 2018, there will be a quick and easy visual bag inspection for all visitors planning to attend Council Chamber for City Council or Committee Meetings.  This new procedure will help to ensure that Council Chambers remain open, accessible, safe and secure for all visitors and City employees. The screening is similar to what Saskatoon residents already experience when they attend major sporting and entertainment venues like SaskTel Centre or Prairieland Park.

Helpful Information:

  • All visitors and employees entering Council Chambers must pass through the Visitor Screening Area.
  • Trained to protect privacy and confidentiality, our screeners will ask visitors and employees to place their bag on the screening table and hold it open so that a light may be shined inside to verify the contents of the bag prior to entering Council Chambers.
  • Individuals who leave Council Chambers will need to pass through the Visitor Screening Area again before re-entering.
  • Prohibited items will not be permitted past the Visitor Screening Area.
  • If a prohibited item is discovered, a check-in/check-out option is available, provided the item is safe to store.
  • If you are not carrying a bag, you do not need to stop at the Visitor Screening Area - please proceed to Council Chambers.
  • On days when there is a long agenda or public hearings, it’s best to arrive at Council Chambers early to avoid delays.

What is considered a bag?

This includes bags, purses, backpacks, briefcases, packages or other bulky objects.

What items are not permitted past the Visitor Screening Area?

  • food and beverages
  • sharp objects
  • noisemakers
  • firearms/knives
  • cameras
  • chemicals, aerosols
  • signs or placards
  • flammable substances

Why are we doing this?

The City continually reviews security and safety protocols within all City facilities.  The new visual screening procedure is a safety enhancement based on the recommendation of the City’s Corporate Security Team.  This screening procedure is consistent with the current practices of several other municipalities and is a solid first step to improving security at City Hall as it relates to Council Chambers.

Please note: City Council proceedings may also be viewed on the City's website