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Contractor Environmental Guidelines Pilot

Contractor Environmental Guidelines

The City of Saskatoon (City) is committed to becoming an environmentally sustainable community. Environmental Policy (C02-036) indicates that environmentally responsible behaviour is encouraged and expected from all employees and contractors working at civic facilities and grounds. These expectations include: compliance with applicable environmental regulation; responsible use of resources and pollution prevention; and continuous improvement of environmental protection.

The purpose of the Contractor Environmental Guidelines (Guidelines) is to inform contractors of the expected standard for environmental protection for City contracts. The Guidelines focus primarily on the regulatory requirements and accepted industry best management practices (BMPs) applicable throughout all stages of a project. All contractors and City staff engaged in Construction and Design (C&D) projects are required to follow the pilot Guidelines. 

The pilot project supports the Strategic goals of Culture of Continuous Improvement, Asset and Financial Stability, Environmental Leadership and Sustainable Growth by promoting best management practices and compliance with environmental regulation.

Contractor Environmental Guidelines

The environmental performance of contractors is critical to help the community meet commitments that protect the environment and comply with laws and regulations to make Saskatoon more sustainable​. The Guidelines include input from various City divisions and review committees. See the Contractor Environmental Guidelines here. The Guidelines define the following critical categories and important information for protecting Saskatoon's environment:

  • Contractor Responsibilities
  • Resource Conservation
  • Litter and Waste
  • Recycling and Reuse
  • Surface and Groundwater
  • Fill Management
  • Dust Management
  • Noise Control 
  • Erosion and Sedimentation Prevention
  • Spill Management
  • Discovery Management
  • Environmentally Sensitive Lands
  • Site Clearing
  • Environmental Management Plan & Additional Requirements
  • Contact Information

Environmental Management Plan Quick Reference Guide

When a contractor completes a successful tender with the City on a C&D project, they may be asked to create an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) prior to starting work as part of the contract conditions.

What is an EMP? 

An EMP is a project-specific plan with written procedures to identify and mitigate potential environmental impacts of a construction project. It also demonstrates how the contractor will comply with all applicable legislation, regulations and approvals during the project.

The purpose of the Quick Reference Guide is to provide guidance for contractors in developing an EMP.  See the EMP Quick Reference here. 

Project Background and Timelines

The first phase of the project involved updating Environmental Protection Specification (01035) and developing draft guidelines. 

The second phase is a two-year pilot of the Guidelines in partnership with C&D and Parks on applicable projects. The pilot was launched in the first quarter of 2019. Feedback and performance data will be collected and analyzed for the duration of the pilot, and will be used to support future growth and expansion.

Performance Management

Contractors involved in the pilot will be required to submit an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) for each project. This tool will be used to collect information about compliance that will inform policy/bylaw development for the City.