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Lorne Ave & 8th St Sewer Rehabilitation

The City of Saskatoon is rehabilitating sanitary sewer mains at the intersection of Lorne Avenue and 8th Street in November, 2015. Hamm Construction has been contracted to carry out this work.

Estimated Timeline

Monday, November 2 Valve installation
  • 8th Street WB closed at Lorne Avenue.​
  • Access to Idylwyld Drive NB maintained.
2 days
Wednesday, November 4 Valve installation
  • On ramp from Lorne Avenue and 8th Street to Idylwyld Drive Northbound closed.
2 days
Monday, November 9 Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation
  • One lane from 8th Street East westbound to Idylwyld Drive northbound will be maintained.
  • One lane from Idylwyld Drive southbound to 8th Street West westbound will be maintained.
  • All other directions will be closed.
4 weeks

Schedules are weather permitting and barring any unforeseen circumstances.

The City thanks residents and drivers for their patience while this necessary work is carried out.


Why is the City rehabilitating sanitary sewer mains at the intersection of Lorne Avenue and 8th Street?

The City will be installing a new sanitary chamber and upgrading sanitary and water mains to improve the flow of waste water and bring the infrastructure up to current City standards. The work will significantly lower sewer gas emissions in the area and reduce infrastructure damage due to sewer gas. 

Why is the City doing this work now?

After tests revealed elevated sewer gas levels in late 2014, the City temporarily diverted flows away from the Lorne Avenue and 8th Street intersection while extensive consultation was carried out to find a permanent solution. This work is considered urgent because there is a high risk of infrastructure failure associated with temporary sewage diversion through the winter months.

Additionally, the work could not be performed at the same time as the University Bridge closure and cannot overlap with planned work in the area next construction season.

Why are there elevated sewer gas levels?

The configuration of the infrastructure and the increased load due to significant growth in the Stonebridge and CN Industrial neighbourhoods has lead to inefficient flows through the intersection resulting in the elevated gas levels.

Will crews be working 24/7 to get this work completed quickly?

No. Due to the proximity to residents, the work will be carried out in accordance with the Noise Bylaw.