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Sidewalk Preservation

Our Program

The City of Saskatoon is committed to keeping the sidewalk infrastructure in satisfactory to good condition. By completing annual condition surveys, covering approximately one quarter of the city each year, sidewalks are selected for rehabilitation based on the current condition, treatment requirement, and pedestrian potential. The priority of the sidewalk program is to reduce safety concerns not to address sidewalk aesthetics.  

Sidewalks along the planned roadway preservation program locations are at the top of the priority list for the sidewalk preservation program. By working to have both sidewalks and roadways addressed at the same time allows the city to rejuvenate the streets as a whole and take advantage of efficiencies and minimize costs.

Sidewalks that are outside the planned preservation program locations are prioritized according to severity and safety implications.  Citizens who have concerns about the safety of sidewalk infrastructure are requested to contact the Customer Care Centre at 306-975-2476 and report the safety concern.

Our Treatments

The City of Saskatoon uses a variety of treatments to repair and rehabilitate sidewalks and curbs based on their conditions and the City’s sidewalk and curb preservation criteria. Repairs can include one of the following:

Slab Lifting – Slab lifting is performed to repair sloped and distorted concrete panels in order to correct the elevations to match adjacent sidewalk, curb and gutter or to bring the current structure up to pre-determined elevation as provided. Only sidewalk panels that are almost completely free of other sidewalk distresses are good candidates for slab lifting.

Concrete Overlay – Concrete overlays, with an approved two component high strength structural repair mortar, are used to repair medium and high scaled sidewalks that are structurally sound or panels with missing sections to return the surface to a smooth broomed finish. Panels generally should not have any cracks or distortions with the exception of panels amongst other overlayed panels.

Trip Ledge Removal – Trip ledge removal is a cost-effective alternative to sidewalk replacement. Sidewalk panels with trip ledges are cut or ground down to eliminate trip hazards due to frost heaves or differential settlement. This method is used to remove any tripping hazard to ensure safe navigation for all ages and demographics.

Crack Filling – Crack filling treatment uses a polyurethane elastomeric sealant to seal cracks resulting from expansion and contraction during the concrete curing process, due to temperature, or damage caused by other forces. Crack fill reduces moisture infiltration preventing freeze that cycle pushing panels apart, and stops future deterioration of the sidewalk.

Concrete or Asphalt Patching - Concrete or asphalt patching is a temporary treatment that is used to address many different types of safety concerns on sidewalk segments that are not planned for rehabilitation.

Sidewalk Panel Replacement – Panel replacement is the last option for sidewalk repair in order to ensure safe pedestrian traffic. If other treatment options are not achievable due to safety, logistics, cost, or aesthetics, a sidewalk panel is to be replaced. Panels with two or more distresses will be evaluated for replacement. In combined curb and sidewalk, the sidewalk shall be replaced separately of curbs unless curb has a defect as well.

Curb Replacement - Curb replacement is only option for repair. When full segments of curbs are being replaced, alignment, height, and gutter need to be evaluated and confirmed with transportation to ensure placement is in ideals location.

How Residents Can Help

Residents can help maintain and extend the life of our sidewalks by:

  • Trimming back trees and shrubs that grow over the sidewalk;
  • Keep sidewalks clean all year long. This means raking leaves in the fall, clearing snow in the winter, and cleaning any other debris;
  • Avoid the use of salt or other harmful substances that can deteriorate the sidewalk. Citizens are encouraged to utilize alternative substances such as sand or cat litter that do not deteriorate concrete and are safer for the environment & animals. 
Report a Safety Concern

To report a sidewalk safety concern, please call our Customer Care Centre at 306-975-2476.

Current Scheduled Sidewalk Repairs

Please visit the Road Restrictions and Construction Projects interactive map. It shows where important road construction and repair work is happening in Saskatoon including the scheduled sidewalk repairs for the current construction season.

The sidewalk in front of my home was damaged by a utility cut (an excavation required to connection, repair, or maintain underground utilities), when will it be repaired?

For more information on scheduled utility cut repairs please visit the Pothole & Utility Cut Repairs page.

What do I need to install a private driveway crossing in front of my property?

A Private Driveway Crossing Permit is required for construction of any driveway or landscaping project that crosses over the public right of way (The Private Crossing Bylaw), including sidewalks, curbs, lanes and ditches.  The application process is quick and can protect you from expensive changes later on.

To apply for a permit, visit the Curb, Sidewalk and Ditch Crossing Permits page.

Why were only a few sidewalk panels on my street replaced? 

The City utilizes a variety of treatments to repair and rehabilitate sidewalks and curbs based on their condition and the City's sidewalk and curb preservation criteria. Only sidewalk panels that meet the  replacement criteria will be replaced. Sidewalk panels that do not meet the replacement criteria and are not replaced may receive alternative treatments such as crack fill, concrete overlay or trip ledge removal.

Individual sidewalk panel replacements may also occur when there is a utility cut, a verified safety concern, or are part of the New Neighbourhood Development warranty program. In these instances, repairs will only occur to specified sidewalk panels.

When the City completes planned sidewalk rehabilitation work, will pedestrian ramps be installed at the same time?


Yes, pedestrian ramps will be installed at all intersections during planned sidewalk rehabilitation work to continue to make the City accessible for all citizens. 

Prior to 2019, the City completed sidewalk rehabilitation work on my street but did not install pedestrian ramps at all locations. Is there a plan to return to install them?

Yes. Pedestrian ramps that were not installed prior to 2019 will be prioritized to be installed for replacement under the annual city-wide Pedestrian Accessibility Curb Ramp Program, an element of the Active Transportation Plan. Pedestrian ramps are prioritized based on requests from people with accessibility needs, adjacent land use, transit routes and routes to school.