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Services & Fees

Services and Fees



The following are services that the City of Saskatoon can offer to assist with your event:


Electrical outlets are available in varying quantities throughout most of the City parks for Special Events. Electricity is free to use under the following conditions:

  • if the circuit is overloaded and the breaker trips outside of normal working hours (daily 7:00a.m. - 4:00p.m.), a charge of $200 will be applied. This charge covers the cost of City of Saskatoon staff being called in to investigate the cause of the overload and to reset the breaker. This charge is applied on each occurrence so it is expedient to resolve the overload problem(s) while they city staff member is on site; and
  • using a portable generator is suggested if power is crucial for the success of your event.

Please Note: Even if city staff are called in to resolve a power issue, they may not be able to respond to your lack of power immediately. There may be other emergencies they have to attend to before they can address your situation. You may be waiting hours in the worst case scenario.

Fire Vessel in River Landing

The Fire Vessel is an amenity that can be booked to enhance Special Events. It has a natural gas flame that is usable during all four seasons of the year. It is located beside the water play feature, within close proximity to the Pavilion Building, allowing for convenient access to concessions and washrooms. Please note, however:

  • it is not to be used for cooking food, but to provide warmth and a special ambiance; and
  • due to the use of natural gas, a Commissionaire will be hired at the expense of the event organizer, to unlock, ignite, and properly monitor the flame. Arrangement will be made through the Allocations office.

Garbage Containers

Event organizers are responsible for the management of all garbage associated with the event. All garbage must be removed from the site at the end of the event.

The City has Special Event garbage containers (300 gal) available for use. Events must meet the eligibility requirements within Policy C03-026 Provision of Civic Services for Outdoor Events to receive them. These can be requested for your event on your Application form and will be reviewed by the Special Event Interdepartmental Committee for approval. 


Parking facilities vary depending on venue.  All vehicles are required to follow posted parking restrictions, including maximum on-street parking time limits.  Any vehicle parked illegally is subject to ticketing and towing.  Vehicles are not permitted to park on turf.

If an event requires metered parking spaces to be reserved for the event, the charge is $18 per space, per 24 hours.  

Event organizers may be required to submit a written description of measures taken to reduce the impact of traffic and parking on the neighborhoods surrounding the special event.

Picnic Shelters

Kinsmen Park:

  • available for use May 1 to September 15 and is booked through the Application form;
  • damage deposit of $50 is required to use the facility;
  • the event organizer must pick up the shelter key at Lawson Civic Centre (225 Primrose Drive), and refundable key deposit of $10 is required;
  • the event organizer is responsible for cleaning the shelter after use. If the shelter is left in an undesirable state, the damage deposit will be lost; and
  • booking of the Kinsmen Park Picnic Shelter does not include the booking of the surrounding areas (Kinsmen Park or Nutrien Playland). Please contact the Allocations Office at (306) 975-2951 if you wish to book additional spaces.

Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo:

To book the Forestry Farm Picnic Shelter, call (306) 975-3382.

Picnic tables are situated through City parks. Additional picnic tables for park bookings are not available.

Seasonal & Year Round Washrooms

Seasonal and year round washrooms are available from 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. from May long weekend to the September long weekend. After the September long weekend until the Thursday before the May long weekend, the year round washrooms are open from 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

For locations of seasonal and year round washrooms, refer to page 17 in the Special Event Information Guide.

Special Event & Special Duty Policing

The Saskatoon Police Service (SPS) evaluates an event with the primary objective of public safety. Upon application, the SPS may provide the services of a uniform or plain clothes police officer for special events. This may be done at the cost to the applicant or at an expense to SPS. In addition, on-duty officers may be assigned to the event at no charge to the applicant. There are two ways that SPS becomes involved in and event:

1) Special Duty: SPS may provide the services of a uniform or plainclothes police officer(s) for special events at a cost to the applicant. Special Duty costs will be charged for those situations where police assistance is required in relation to the operation of a business entity and/or where there may be safety concerns to the public. Special Duty costs may be charged when the event organizers charge a registration or entrance fee related to attending or participating in the event and/or if the event has a liquor vending component that may require extra policing.

2) On-Duty: Whenever possible, the SPS will provide on duty resources for “Community activism” type events such as demonstrations, or events to raise awareness of a public nature (parades, walks, runs, etc). However if the SPS determines there are insufficient on-duty resources available during the event, the organizers will be required to pay the expense of hiring the necessary SPS Special Duty members.

The decision regarding what is the most appropriate delegation of police resources and how many police may be required is guided by officer and public safety. This includes circumstances surrounding the event, the number of people expected, past history of the event, whether alcohol is a factor, and SPS Policy and Procedure.


The City has two stages available for use (rental, delivery and set up/take down fees apply):

  1. Community stage (36’ X 16’)
  2. Show mobile stage (32’ X 16’)

Event organizer are responsible for arranging pre-lease event site meetings with Facilities and Fleet Management and Parks to discuss stage placement. Contact the Allocations office at (306) 975-2951 to make arrangements.  Public announcement systems are available to from the City and can be requested on your Application form. 

*Wet conditions may prohibit stages from being delivered on turf.


Potable (drinkable) water is available at Kinsmen Park Festival Site and Victoria Park. To access potable water:

  • pick up the water tap attachment (spigot) at the Parks Administration Building, 1101 Ave P North; and
  • pay a refundable deposit ($100) for the tap attachment needed to access the water.



Fee Structure

The following fees and deposits may be applicable to your event:

Type Cost

Application Fee: 

  • Level 1 (Attendance up to 500 people and does not require civic services)
  • Level 2 (Attendance up to 3000 people and requires civic services and/or administrative conditions
  • Level 3 (Attendance is greater than 3000 people and requires civic services, administrative conditions and additional permits)


$30.00 + GST

$60.00 + GST

$120.00 + GST

Fire Vessel $25.00 per hour; minumum of 3 hours
Motorized Vehicle in Park Permit $30.00
Parking Reservation $18.00 per space, per 24 hours + $30.00 administrative fee
Kinsmen Park Picnic Shelter Damage Deposit $50.00
Kinsmen Park Picnic Shelter Key Deposit $10.00

Stage Rental:

  • Community Stage (36'x16')


  • Show Mobile (32'x16')


$1775.00 set-up/take-down fee + $135.00 daily rental fee 

$1700.00 set-up/take-down fee + $135.00 daily rental fee

Stage Delivery $500.00
SLGA Sale Permit $105.00 per day
SLGA Non-Dale or Cost Recovery Permit $52.50 per day
Water Tap Attachment Deposit $100.00