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Respect Work Zones

Respect Work Zones 2017 - Work Zones Differ

The Respect Work Zones Campaign reminds people to obey signage, slow down, and pay attention when driving through construction areas.

With night work happening throughout the summer everyone needs to be aware of work zones at night. Drivers can expect night work to happen on priority streets from 7 p.m. overnight to 7 a.m. the following morning.

When you see lights, reflective cones and work zone signage, please slow down. This is especially true in the evening and early morning. When the sun’s down, slow down. 

Although the most common types of work zones are those around construction and roadways projects there are also mobile work zones for line painting, drop off zones at the landfill and places like parks can have work zones for maintenance. 

At times construction work may appear halted or complete; however, barriers stay in place where the road is hazardous to drivers or where pavement or concrete needs to set. It’s important to continue to obey signage that is in place even when there are no vehicles or workers present and not enter a work zone or drive past signage.

The City of Saskatoon thanks all citizens for their patience during the 2017 construction season.

Know before you go! Plan your route around road work by checking our Road Restrictions and Construction Projects interactive map. Find traffic detour information and subscribe to Traffic Detour Service Alerts at You can also follow us on Twitter @YXEServiceAlert and with #betterroadsYXE.


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