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Older Adults: Remembering When Program

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Remembering When is a National Fire Prevention Association designed program that uses nostalgia to promote eight fire safety and eight fall prevention messages through group presentations and home visits. The goal of the program is to help older adults eliminate fire and fall hazards in their environment so that they can stay in their homes as long as they would like. Through the program older adults are also taught what to do in the event of a fire and how to get up off the floor if they have fallen and are not hurt.

Disturbing Facts:

  • 1 in 3 adults over the age of 65 will fall each year. By the time they reach 85 that becomes 1 in 2.

  • Adults over 65 are twice as likely to be harmed by fires as the general population. That increases to three times as likely by age 75 and four times by 85.

Components of the program

  • Group Presentations

    • 45 -60 minutes long

    • Safety messages presented in a fun and engaging way

    • Demonstration of how to get up off the floor if you aren’t hurt

    • Opportunity to sign up for a home visit

  • Home Visits

    • Done by trained volunteers

    • Look for fire and fall hazards

    • Test smoke alarms

    • Offer suggestions on how to make your home safer.

To book a group presentation or home visit, please contact Dori Krahn 306-975-7715 or

Fire Prevention & Safety Tips

  1. If you smoke, smoke outside

  2. Give space heaters space

  3. Stay in the kitchen when frying food

  4. Stop, drop and roll

  5. Smoke alarms save lives

  6. Plan and practice your escape from fire and smoke

  7. Know your local emergency number

  8. Plan your escape around your abilities

Fall Prevention and Safety Tips

  1. Exercise regularly

  2. Take your time

  3. Keep stairs and walking areas free

  4. Improve lighting

  5. Use non-slip mats

  6. Be aware of uneven surfaces

  7. Stairways should be well lit

  8. Wear sturdy, well-fitting, low-heeled shoes with non-slip soles.

Safety Videos

 Getting Up From A Fall
 Helping Someone Up From A Fall