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Residential Disabled Parking Zone Application

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  • The applicant must have a valid disabled persons placard issued by Saskatchewan Abilities Council or Canadian Paraplegic Association.
  • The applicant must show that the residence does not have a driveway access.
  •  If the residence has access to a driveway, the following exceptions may be considered:Applicant uses Access Transit regularly. Applicant is a wheeler user and cannot access their vehicle easily or has someone picking them up regularly.
  • If the application is filled out by a tenant, the consent of the property owner will be required.
  • The location of the requested disabled parking zone shall be within the property lines and there shall not be any conflict with traffic lanes or safety zones. All other street regulations will apply.
  • The maximum number of disabled parking zone allowed is one per property.
  • The size of a disabled parking zone is 7 metres in length and 2.5 metres in width.
  • The applicant or the property owner is responsible to notify the Transportation Division when the disabled parking zone is no longer required.



The disabled parking zone is not for the sole use of the applicant. Any vehicle displaying a valid disabled persons placard can also use the disabled parking zone.

This information allows the City to respond more quickly to your request. You should use this feature when you want to provide information about your current location that may be hard to describe. This feature is only available on mobile devices.


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