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Ward Boundaries

The City of Saskatoon is divided into ten wards. Boundaries of these current wards were established by the Municipal Wards Commission in 2016, in accordance with provisions of The Cities Act. The Act stipulates that each ward must contain as nearly as is reasonably practicable the same population and that ward populations cannot vary by more than 10% from the quotient, which is obtained by dividing the city's total population by the number of wards into which the city is divided. Ward boundaries are also used by the Public School Board for trustee elections.

The Act also states that the Municipal Wards Commission must review ward boundaries at least once every three election cycles or when population of a ward exceeds the acceptable variation limit of 10%.

According to 2018 population statistics, the population of ward 7 and ward 10 now exceeds the 10% variance, while the population of ward 5 and ward 8 is below. Accordingly, the Municipal Wards Commission will establish new ward boundaries to be in effect for the city's municipal election and school boards' elections in fall 2020.

The Municipal Wards Commission is a body appointed by City Council pursuant to section 58 of The Cities Act, and is comprised of

  • Mr. Justice Richard Danyliuk, Chair - Court of Queen's Bench
  • Professor Joseph Garcea - University of Saskatchewan
  • Joanne Sproule - City Clerk


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